How much does Smith and Wesson 380 cost?

The Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380 is a compact semi-automatic pistol produced by Smith & Wesson chambered for the . 380 ACP cartridge….

Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380
Unit cost $419 MSRP
Produced 2011-2014
Mass 11.85 oz (336 g)

Is the Smith and Wesson 380 EZ a good gun?

Perhaps the most shootable pistol I’ve ever laid my hands on. I found it to be very accurate and very easy to maintain that accuracy! The 380 Shield EZ is thin enough and small enough to conceal quite well, though not as well as its smaller cousin, the M&P Shield 9mm.

What is the smallest Smith & Wesson pistol?

The Bodyguard is the smallest firearm in Smith & Wesson’s Military & Police lineup––and likely in anyone else’s lineup for that matter. The Bodyguard’s unobtrusive size and svelte weight make for a weapon that is easy to ignore over the course of a day but which can be brought quickly into action when necessary.

Does Smith & Wesson make a 380?

Compact and sleek, the M&P BODYGUARD 380 delivers personal protection in an easy-to-carry, comfortable platform. Chambered for . 380 ACP, the lightweight pistol features a high-strength polymer frame with a black, matte-coated stainless-steel slide and barrel.

Is a 380 good for self-defense?

The . 380 Auto is perfectly fine for self-defense, so long as you’ve selected a quality bullet and can put it where it needs to go.

Whats bigger 380 or 9mm?

380 Auto features the same diameter bullet as the 9mm and the same diameter case, yet it is shorter at 17mm in case length. So, when compared to the 9mm Luger, the . 380 is smaller, lighter in recoil but not as powerful when it strikes a target.

Are M&P pistols any good?

For many people, the factory texturing on the grip of the original M&P was too slick. As a result, hand-stippling was a common sight on off-duty guns and on some duty guns where allowed. Modern polymer technology is truly amazing, and the texturing possible now through simple injection molding is amazing.