Is LiveSplit a virus?

Again, Livesplit and OBS are best for windows. Some anti-viruses will pickup Livesplit as a virus. Just configure your anti-virus to put Livesplit as a trusted file.

What is the best speedrun timer?

TL;DR – Top 4 Best Speedrun Timers:

  • LiveSplit: The most common and customizable timer, designed specifically for speedrunning.
  • WSplit: A lightweight speedrun timer that may take up less CPU.
  • Llanfair: The macOS or Unix solution for timing speedruns.
  • LiveSplit One: This is a no-download timer that runs in the browser.

What do Speedrunners use for splits?

The most widely used program for speedrunning splits is LiveSplit. The timer is very intuitive to use, and allows for a broad range of customization so that it fits any kind of speedrunning game or category.

Is Livesplit download safe?

@The_Local_Dad of course it’s safe. stormyhay likes this. It’s just a false positive. Windows gets kinda pissy when you try to download executables sometimes.

How do speedrun splits work?

Splits are a measure of keeping track of your own progress during a run. When the timer starts and ends does matter. When you submit your time to a leaderboard, a moderator looks at your time and may adjust it if it is incorrect. When the timer starts and ends is defined by the community that runs the game.

Does dreaming stop Speedrunning?

Popular Minecraft speedrunner and content creator Dream has been stripped of a record after the Minecraft Speedrunning Team issued the verdict that his “astronomical luck” during runs was the result of modified game code. Dream’s rise to fame in 2020 has been unprecedented, to say the least.

Is Live split trustworthy?

What emulator do Speedrunners use?

The most commonly used emulators for each system include: NES – FCEUX 2.2. 0.

Is American Dad a real game?

American Dad The Game and or American Dad The Video Game is a 2011 Animated Video Game distributed by Twentieth Century Fox and Vault Entertainment based on the popular Seth Macfarlane animated show American Dad ==Game Plot Pick a character Stan, Roger Francine, Haley, Or Steve and help them escape from hurricanes.