Is SFU computer science better than UBC?

They are both very good. UBC is much bigger, and has a stronger international reputation, but that is based mostly on research, so is only tangentially related to the quality of the undergraduate experience.

Why is SFU ranking so low?

The decline is mostly due to a drop in academic reputation that has been felt by universities across the country. For three consecutive QS rankings, SFU has seen lower performance in academic reputation — dropping from 41.6 two years ago to 31.5 in 2018.

What is SFU best known for?

Consistently ranked as Canada’s top comprehensive university and named to the Times Higher Education list of 100 world universities under 50, SFU is also the first Canadian member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, the world’s largest college sports association.

Is UBC easier than SFU?

In math, the students at SFU are significantly weaker than the students at UBC. Consequently, the courses are significantly easier at SFU. There are fewer courses on advanced topics. So if you are interested in learning a lot of math, you should go to UBC.

Is SFU a party school?

Academically rigorous with great co-op programs and stellar mountain views, Simon Fraser University (SFU) has a lot going for it. But when it comes to partying . . . well, let’s just say that doesn’t seem to be SFU’s strength. In fact, the school lands near the bottom of the Maclean’s party school ranking.

What is the best party school in Canada?

Below are the schools, and it is important to reiterate that they all meet the criteria listed above.

  1. Wilfrid Laurier University.
  2. Western University.
  3. Queen’s University.
  4. Bishop’s University.
  5. McMaster University.
  6. University of British Columbia.
  7. Carleton University.
  8. Dalhousie University.

What’s good about UBC?

UBC prides itself on being a high-ranking school with a diverse international population and strong reputation as a research-intensive school. You’ll be surrounded by people who all seem smarter than you are. Even with its academic focus, UBC has some of the best sports programs in Canada.

Which is a better University UBC or SFU?

UBC may claim to have more prestige — they do tend to place higher than us in most university rankings — but it’s not about that, at least not entirely. It’s about what you do to make your university experience the best it can possibly be, no matter where you’re studying.

Which is better University of British Columbia or Simon Fraser University?

Though the tuition may seem a little higher than SFU, UBC is still more prestigious, older and renowned institution within Canada and across the world. Getting into either of the two universities is equally difficult as the exam scores required are similar and the acceptance rate also does not differ drastically.

Is there a double major in science at UBC?

There are two double major options in Science: In a Double Major with both majors in Science, students must satisfy all the specialization requirements for each major, and all Faculty requirements for Science.

What are the different degree types at UBC?

Degree Types: Majors, Minors, and More. There are many types of degrees you can pursue in UBC Science. A major involves specialization in a single field, while allowing sufficient elective space to explore other areas.