Is the Delaware River Bridge closed?

The Delaware River Bridge is now open eastbound and westbound to all traffic.

Are Delaware bridges open?

Bridges Remain Open 24/7.

What happened on the Delaware Memorial Bridge yesterday?

Officials have released the names of the two people killed in yesterday’s accident on the Delaware Memorial Bridge. A second lane was reopened at 7:00 p.m., followed by a third lane at 8:30 p.m. The accident scene was cleared at 9:20 p.m. and all southbound lanes were open to traffic.

Has anyone ever jumped off the Delaware Memorial Bridge?

Of the 132 suicides jumping from the Delaware Memorial Bridge from 1952 to the present, the majority were male and from Delaware. There were more suicides in the summer months than in the winter months.

How much is the Delaware River Bridge toll?

This page contains the two-stage proposed toll adjustments approved March 29 by the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission…

Is there construction on the Delaware Memorial Bridge?

February 1, 1949
Delaware Memorial Bridge/Construction started

Why is Delaware Memorial closed?

Plant Still Investigating Chemical Leak That Prompted Closure Of Delaware Memorial BridgeAuthorities are still investigating the cause of a chemical leak that prompted the shut down of the Delaware Memorial Bridge on Sunday, but urge there’s no harm to the public.

Are there wind restrictions on the Delaware Memorial Bridge?

The speed limit has been reduced to 25 mph and the outside lanes of both Spans of the Delaware Memorial Bridge are closed to traffic. The Authority may ban tractor-trailers trucks, motorcycles, and other high-profile vehicles subject to high winds from the Delaware Memorial Bridge, if sustained winds exceed 40-mph.

How much is the toll on the Delaware Memorial Bridge?

Current Tolls. One-way tolls went into effect on the Delaware Memorial Bridge in 1992. For passenger vehicles, the one-way fare is $5.00. Tolls are paid by vehicles traveling from New Jersey to Delaware.

What work is being done on the Delaware Memorial Bridge?

The Delaware Memorial Bridge overlay project required a self-propelled fully automated paving machine that spreads, consolidates, and finishes the UHPC overlay and that is specifically designed and constructed for placing UHPC overlays.

What happens if you don’t pay a toll in Delaware?

If you attempt to use your transponder when there is an insufficient toll balance in your account, you may be considered a violator if you do not pay the full cash toll. You may also be required to pay an administrative fee of $25. Before you can use your transponder again, you must make a payment to your account.

How big is the Kessock Bridge in Germany?

The bridge has a total length of 1,056 metres (3,465 ft) with a main span of 240 metres (787 ft). Designed by German engineer Hellmut Homberg and built by Cleveland Bridge, it is similar to a bridge across the Rhine in Düsseldorf. The Beauly Firth is a navigable waterway and hence the bridge is raised high over sea level.

When was the Kessock Bridge resurfaced in Scotland?

The series of notes commemorates Scottish engineering achievements with illustrations of bridges in Scotland such as the Glenfinnan Viaduct and the Forth Bridge. The bridge was resurfaced from February to June 2013.

Where does Kessock Bridge on the A9 take you?

The four bridge towers dominate the Inverness skyline, especially at night when they are lit. The bridge carries the A9 trunk road north from Inverness to the Black Isle. It is the southernmost of the “Three Firths” crossings (Beauly, Cromarty and Dornoch) which has transformed road transport in the Highlands.

How many vehicles per day use the Kessock Bridge?

Transport Scotland estimated in 2012 that 30,000 vehicles per day were using the bridge. Since 2007, the 25th anniversary of it opening, the Kessock Bridge has featured on the obverse of the £100 note issued by the Bank of Scotland.