Is the Zoldyck family stronger than Chrollo?

Known to be a phenomenal assassin, Zeno Zoldyck is strong enough to defeat Chrollo Lucilfer, although whether he can defeat a ‘serious’ Chrollo is something that even he doubts.

Can the Zoldyck beat Chrollo?

3 Doesn’t Stand A Chance: Silva Zoldyck Silva Zoldyck is the current leader of the Zoldyck family, and he’s definitely someone not to be underestimated. He’s very powerful, as he’s proven in the past when he fought against Chrollo and even the Chimera Ants.

What episode does Chrollo fight Zoldyck family?

Episode 52 (2011)

How old is Chrollo from HXH 2011?

Chrollo Lucilfer
Age 26
Birthday Unknown
Sex Male
Height 5’10”

Who are the members of the Zoldyck Family?

Language Name Arabic عائلة زولديك ( Eayilat Zualadik ) Brazilian Portuguese Família Zaoldyeck Família Zoldik Família Chinese 揍敌客家族/揍敵客家族 * ( Zòu dí kè Jiāzú) 左鲁迪古家族/ Czech Rodina Zoldyckových

How is Canary related to the Zoldyck Family?

Canary is very loyal to the Zoldyck Family. She is initially introduced as a ruthless guardian who does not hesitate to attack trespassers, but, as noted by Gon, she is not as heartless as she pretends to be, and just for a fraction of a second, her eyes convey gentleness or concern, although she tries to suppress it.

How old is Killua from the Zoldyck Family?

For example, the third son Killua entered Heavens Arena at age six and was able to reach the celebrated 200 th floor at the age of eight. Another example is the youngest son Kalluto who was immediately accepted into the most notorious criminal gang, the Phantom Troupe, at the age of ten.

Where does the Zoldyck Family own Kukuroo Mountain?

The Zoldyck Family owns Kukuroo Mountain and its surrounding area. The property encompasses from the point of the Testing Gate, the dense jungle, all the way to the mountain. There seems to be a garden near the mansion, where Killua and Alluka used to play as children.