Is there a user manual for iMac?

Choose Apple menu > About This Mac. In the macOS Resources section, click User Manual.

How do I factory reset my iMac G3?

If your OS disc is OS X, Just boot from the OS discs, choose Disk Utility from the menu, select your hard drive and hit the Erase button. Then, quit Disk Utility and install the OS. If your OS disc is OS 9 or earlier, boot from the disc, find the app on it called “Drive Setup”, and use that to initialize the drive.

How do I update the firmware on my iMac G3?

While you hold in the programmer’s button, press the Power button to start up your iMac. Continue to hold in the programmer’s button until you hear a long tone. Release the programmer’s button when you hear the tone. The update starts automatically.

How do I restore my old iMac to factory settings?

To reset your Mac, first restart your computer. Then press and hold Command + R until you see the Apple logo. Next, go to Disk Utility > View > View all devices, and choose the top drive. Next, click Erase, fill out the required details, and hit Erase again.

How do I restore iMac to factory settings?

Shut down your Mac, then turn it on and immediately press and hold these four keys together: Option, Command, P, and R. Release the keys after about 20 seconds. This clears user settings from memory and restores certain security features that might have been altered.

How do I connect a new iMac?

Power connector: Pass the power adapter cable through the hole in the stand and connect it to the power connector on the back of your iMac. Plug the separate power cord into the power adapter, then connect it to an electrical outlet. Power button: Press to turn on your iMac.

What do you need to run an iMac?

iMac Essentials

  1. Work wirelessly.
  2. Magic Keyboard for 24-inch iMac.
  3. Magic Keyboard.
  4. Magic Mouse.
  5. Charge accessory batteries.
  6. Adapters.