Is WaterWorld 2021 Open?

Get your tickets online today at Roaring Forks & Centennial Basin opening Summer 2021.

How long is WaterWorld show at Universal Studios?

20 minutes
Run Time: 20 minutes Experience WaterWorld – Universal Studios #1 rated show.

Does Universal Hollywood have a water park?

Unfortunately universal studios is not a waterpark so there is no water slides.

How much does it cost to go to Waterworld?


2021 General Admission Pricing Price
Over 42″ Admission $22.95
Under 42″ Admission $17.95
Senior Admission (60yrs or better) $13.95
Happy Hour (last 2 hours) $10.95

Is WaterWorld still at Universal Studios?

The attraction remains highly rated by park guests….

Waterworld: A Live Sea War Spectacular
Status Operating
Opening date October 21, 1995 April 2017 (2nd Opening)
Replaced Miami Vice Action Spectacular Spectrablast
Universal Studios Japan

What rides are at Waterworld?

Space Bowl
Super FlumeTwisterBlack HoleNucleus

How much does it cost to park at Universal Studios Hollywood?

How Much is Parking at Universal Studios Hollywood?

General Parking $25 before 6pm – $10 after 6pm
Preferred Parking $40 before 6pm – $20 after 6pm
Front Gate Parking $60 before 6pm – $30 after 6pm
Valet Parking $25 first 2 hours – $45 after 2 hours

Why does Universal Studios close so early?

Universal has chosen to close early during off season; if they didn’t they would be out of business because their expenses would exceed their income in off peak months. Supply, demand, capitalism. It’s our system in the US.

How much is it to go Waterworld?


GENERAL ENTRY ALL AGES Kids 5 to 9 years old must be accompanied by a paying adult or guardian (who can swim) over 16 years old. Ratio 2 kids per adult. $19 per hour for everyone 70 years and over free
GROUP DISCOUNT Valid for groups of 10 people and above only $15 per person

What to expect at WaterWorld at Universal Studios?

Experience WaterWorld – Universal Studios #1 rated show. Join an adventure that surges to life with jumping jet-skiers, perilous plunges, firefights, massive explosions, and an in-your-face plane crash you need to see to believe.

What are the hours of Universal Studios Hollywood?

Review Important Safety Guidelines✕ Today’s Park Hours 09:00 AM – 08:00 PM Pass Members 88.0˚F / 31.0˚C Today’s Park Hours 09:00 AM – 08:00 PM Visit CityWalk 11:00 AM – 09:00 PM Create Account| Sign In Things To Do

Is the Universal Studios outdoor dining still open?

Expanded outdoor dining is still available. Select venues are open for limited operations. Individual venue and cinema hours may vary Select CityWalk venues are opening for our guests to enjoy. Review important safety guidelines Download the Official Universal Studios Hollywood App Today!

How many pyrotechnics are fired at Waterworld?

With new sets, a new cast, and all new action, WaterWorld is one show at Universal Studios Hollywood you just can’t miss! There are approximately 168,500 pyrotechnic effects fired per year at WaterWorld, including giant fireballs rising 50 feet in the air. World champion jet skiers perform stunts for audience entertainment.