Top 5 best sites for computer tips and tricks

You certainly don’t need to follow any other sites to learn everything about computer tips and tricks. There are many amazing websites available on internet right now that will give you what you want, but not all of them are reliable. If you are a hardcore computer user and want to learn some tricks and looking for new ways to sharpen your mind and skills on PC then you may just have found right pace to begin.

The importance of computer tips and tricks:

To the opportunity to learn tricks ca open new doors that you can take full advantages to become productive and help friends in need. Whenever you want to hack into someone’s system, making your windows stable, doing unique things then it needs to be done by learning few tricks. You can check latest tricks at

If you wish to become better at using computer then follow these top 5 websites that will offer you plenty of valuable information which you will appreciate in the end, because these sites are legit and only share information that will bring value to your learning course to unlock your mind’s creativity in so many ways. And if you are interested in mobile selfies tricks then you should check out our post regarding that.

Top 5 best sites for computer tips and tricks you should know:

1) Tech spot:

Here you will get to learn all the hacks you can do from your computer to other system. If you are smart enough you will be able to guide yourself to understand all general tips and tricks for cracking windows and password as well. Just follow this website regularly to become a pro hacker but in fun way.

2) Life hacker:

For any computer geek finding valuable knowledge and tricks is nothing but treasure and you just have found yourself a worthy site filled with coding, solving windows errors, settings programs and much more. It can prove quite useful for a beginner as well.

3) Tweak and trick:

To understand computer commands can take normal person years to accomplish, but with the help of this website you may find some shortcuts to become professional command assistant, and control using keyboard and mouse altogether.

4) instruct-able circuits:

This website offers you some advanced tips and tricks using notepad commands, making your computer speak, understand cyber language, get some technical information, playing ultra HD games on lower PC system and much more. You simply can’t ignore this one when you are talking about having real fun.

5) Tech-guy:

Tech-guy is available on internet with such an amazing line up of tips and tricks that will surely value users while using. You can learn to find out hidden passwords, take notes from Google browsers, locking the computer with keyboard and so many more. Just follow this site if you think you can become next tips and trick expert.