Was there a sequel to Remo Williams?

Remo Williams 2: The Adventure Continues.

Was Remo Williams supposed to be a series?

Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins, also released as Remo: Unarmed and Dangerous, is a 1985 American action-adventure film directed by Guy Hamilton. The film was supposed to be the first of a series based on The Destroyer series of novels.

Why did Remo Williams fail?

The main failure of the film was its weak script. Although it translated Remo’s beginnings fairly accurately it failed to give him a good story to jump into.

Where is Fred Ward now?

Ward lives in Venice, California.

What happens to Remo Williams in the adventure begins?

The death is faked, and he is inducted into the organization CURE, dedicated to preserving the constitution by working outside of it. Remo is to become the enforcement wing (assassin) of CURE, and learns an ancient Korean martial art from Chiun, the Master of Sinanju.

Who is the composer of Remo Williams The Adventure Begins?

The soundtrack features an instrumental score written by composer Craig Safan, released by Perseverance Records on CD on August 7, 2006 and later reissued by Intrada Records. However, the title song, Remo’s Theme (What If), written and sung by Styx member Tommy Shaw, is not included on that album.

Who are the bad guys in Remo Williams?

A New York City cop is recruited by a super-secret quasi-governmental agency which is out to avenge society’s wrongs. The cop is trained for the job by a Korean Sinanju master, then cut loose on the bad guys of the world. Based on the “Destroyer” books by Richard Sapir and Warren Murphy. By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms.

Who is Kate Mulgrew in Remo Williams The Adventure Begins?

The chemistry between Remo and Chiun is the glue that makes this film work and provides the comic relief. Kate Mulgrew appears as a very thin Maj. Rayner Fleming before her later roles of Captain Janeway on “Star Trek Voyager” or as a Reagent and Mother of Pete Latimer on the series “Warehouse 13”.