What are pluggable terminal blocks?

Pluggable terminal blocks are those that have a cable entry to allow the connection of a wire or cable but a plug output to allow for easy connection to a socket.

What is a terminal connection block used for?

Terminal blocks increase safety by grounding, isolating, and protecting the other components in the electrical circuit. Terminal blocks are available with finger-safe connections to prevent electrical shock. And, terminal blocks can also provide test points, which add even more safety to the circuit.

What is a Wago terminal block?

WAGO’s Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks are ideal for space-limited applications and small conductor sizes. With WAGO’s proven CAGE CLAMP® technology, these terminal blocks provide vibration-proof and reliable connections.

Can you cut terminal blocks?

Feature: * The terminal block is designed to fasten the terminal wires for various devices. * Terminal Block Strip can be easily cut to shorter lengths if required.

Which cable is used for cable crimping?

For example, a crimping tool is used to create phone cable sand network cables to combine RJ-11 and RJ-45 connectors to both ends of the phone or Cat 5 cable. The below picture is an example of RJ-11 (6-pin) and RJ-45 (8-pin) crimping tools.

What is a screw terminal block?

UT 2.5-MT, -TG, and -MTD screw-connection terminal blocks include knife disconnect, component and feed-through terminal blocks with 2.5 mm2 cross sections. The uniform dual-bridge channel blocks are UL-rated for 300 V (MT, TG) and 600 V (MTD) for switchgear and control system applications and include Reakdyne design that prevents screw back-out.

What is Euro style terminal block?

Phoenix Connector. Euroblock , short for “European-style terminal block”, is a low-voltage disconnectable (or plugable) connector and terminal block combination commonly used for microphone- and line level-audio signals, and for control signals such as RS-232 or RS-485.

What is terminal block connector?

Terminal Block is a kind of electronic component, and it can be called Terminal Strip, Terminal Block Strip, Terminal Block Connector, Barrier Terminal Strip and Barrier Terminal Block. The Terminal Strip is a connector which allows more than one circuit to connect to another circuit.

What is a plug terminal?

A plug-in connection has a male terminal at the end of the wire. This terminal is connected to the female port on the terminal block and forms a secure connection. Plug-in blocks are commonly used in the fuse boxes of automobiles.