What are the Internet promos of sun?

List of Sun Cellular Internet Promos 2020

Promo Name Internet Promo Details Validity
Non-Stop Surf 699 Non-stop Mobile Internet Surfing 2.5GB Internet Data 1GB Spinnr 30 Days
MB5 10MB Internet Data Allocation 1 Day
MB50 100MB Internet Data Allocation 500MB Spinnr 3 Days
MB99 200MB Internet Data Allocation 1GB Spinnr 30 Days

How do I register for Sun Internet promo?

The following Sun Internet Promos may be registered via USSD code, just dial *123# then choose Other Offers. They may also be registered via an app with a prepaid loading menu such as GCash, Lazada, Shopee, and the like. Register to Non-Stop Surf for non-stop chat, surf, email, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

How do I register Giga surf 99 sun?

If you are a Smart Prepaid customer, register to Giga Surf 99 by texting GIGA99 to 9999.

Is Sun and smart the same?

A better mobile experience awaits Sun subscribers as Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart), wireless arm of the country’s largest and only integrated telco PLDT, completes the rebrand of Sun Prepaid to Smart Prepaid.

Can I use smart load card to Sun?

Can I now use SMART Call and Text Card to load my SIM? Yes. You will now enjoy all the services of SMART including its Call and Text Cards and Data Cards.

How do I get GigaSurf 99 for free?

To register to Giga Surf 99, text the keyword GIGA99 and send it to 9999. Make sure that you have at least ₱99 load balance. You will receive a text confirmation of your successful registration. Another way to subscribe to GigaSurf 99 is to dial *123# and go to GIGA > VIDEO > 2 GB, 7 days, P99 > Subscribe.

Is Sun owned by Smart?

It was established by Digitel in September 2001 to provide wireless public and private telecommunications services….Sun Cellular.

The logo used since 2020.
Type Wholly owned subsidiary of Digitel/ Brand of Smart
Parent Digital Telecommunications Philippines Smart Communications
Website suncellular.com.ph

Are there any Sun cellular prepaid Internet promos?

See Complete List of Sun Internet Promos. Sun Cellular Prepaid internet promos include Giga Video, Giga Pro, AllOutSurf, NON-STOP SURF, Internet Data Volume Offer, SURF NET MEGA, iSurf, UNLIMITED SURF LOADS, Sulit Surf Plus, Sun Xpressload (iLoads), Sun Broadband Wireless Unlimited Internet Promo, Sun LTE, Big Time Data, EDATA,

Is there a sun unlimited promo for broadband?

Sun Broadband subscribers can now enjoy Sun Unlimited Surf Promo for Sun Broadband. Choose from unlimited surf packages that will suit your budget and lifestyle. Stay connected to your friends and family and keep updated on your favorite social networking sites.

Which is the best sun promo for data?

To give you a summary of the list of unique promo, Sun has WAIS load that will let you to enjoy unli text and unli calls. The big-time data load includes data internet and unli text. Call and text unlimited have internet Data connection dedicated for Facebook, which also comes with unlimited use of mobile chat applications.

What can I do with my sun prepaid account?

Reloading your Sun account will earn you some GigaPoints that you can use to redeem rewards like Giga Promos and other calls, texts, and data promos through the GigaLife App. You can also register to MVP Rewards to redeem more rewards such as rebates, deals, and partner merchants’ discounts.