What did AVE mean?

Ave is a Latin word, used by the Romans as a salutation and greeting, meaning “hail”. It is the singular imperative form of the verb avēre, which meant “to be well”; thus one could translate it literally as “be well” or “farewell”. The term was notably used to greet the Caesar or other authorities.

What does AVE in Latin mean?

hail, be well
Latin greeting, meaning ‘hail, be well’. According to Suetonius’ Lives of the Caesars, gladiators in the arena saluted the Roman emperor with the words, ‘Ave Caesar, morituri te salutant [Hail Caesar, those who are about to die salute you]. The name comes from the opening words, literally ‘hail, Mary!

What is an AVE in Spain?

One Way. AVE Renfe trains give travelers access to a comprehensive network of city-to-city commuter rail connections throughout Spain. A.V.E. stands for “Alta Velocidad Española”, or “Spanish High Speed” – a befitting name, considering the train’s ability to reach top speeds of up to 350km/h!

Who is AVE Youtuber?

Piet Hein
The video comes courtesy of the Youtube channel AvE, where Canadian father Piet Hein posts videos about everything from engineering to his opinions on the viability of Bitcoin.

What is meant by Ave Maria?

Ave Maria in American English (ˌɑveɪ məˈriə ; ˌɑvi ) 1. “ Hail, Mary,” the first words of the Latin version of a prayer to the Virgin Mary used in the Roman Catholic Church.

Is there a high speed train from Madrid to Malaga?

The fastest way to travel from Madrid to Málaga-María Zambrano, Málaga’s principal railway station, is by high-speed AVE train. Operated by Renfe, AVE trains running between Málaga and Madrid run on the Madrid–Málaga high-speed rail line, which supports speeds of up to 300km/h.

What did AvE do for a living?

AvE (arduinoversusevil). He’s a Canadian engineer of some kind that mostly does tear downs of various equipment, commenting on their construction. He’s also a foul mouthed master of malapropism, but those things just add spice. The engineering content and commentary are really fascinating and keep me coming back.

What does Skookum as frig mean?

“skookum as frig” is one of the mainstays of the bumblefuck bible, but should it actually be written “skookum as Frigg”, referring to Frigg, wife of Odin, foremost of all Goddesses in Norse mythology, who would herself appear to be pretty fackin’ skookum!?!


What are Avenue store hours?

Avenue Regular Business Hours. Weekdays: You will notice that the store hours vary by location. Typically, the stores are open Monday through Thursday 10am to 8pm and Friday 10am to 9pm, local time. The hours change if a holiday falls on a weekday or weekend.

Where are the Avenue stores located?

The Avenues. The Avenues is an indoor shopping mall located on the southside of Jacksonville, Florida at the intersection of U.S. 1 (Philips Highway) and Southside Boulevard near Interstate 95. The mall opened in 1990 with four anchor stores; Maison Blanche , Dillard’s, JCPenney and Sears .

What is Avenue C?

Avenue C is a north-south avenue located in the Alphabet City area of the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City, east of Avenue B and west of Avenue D. It is also known as Loisaida Avenue.

What is Avenue Stores LLC?

Avenue Stores LLC is a specialty retailer in the United States offering plus-size clothing to women who wear larger-size clothing. The company serves a target audience of women aged between 25 and 55 years of age, wearing apparel sized 14 or larger. The group operates 222 stores in 33 states in 2019,…