What does IARU stand for?

International Amateur Radio Union

Abbreviation IARU
Region served Worldwide
Membership 172 national member societies
Official language English
President Tim Ellam, VE6SH

What is a VHF beacon?

VHF/UHF beacons Beacons on 144 MHz and higher frequencies are mainly used to identify tropospheric radio propagation openings. It is not uncommon for VHF and UHF beacons to use directional antennas. Frequencies set aside for beacons on VHF and UHF bands vary widely in different ITU regions and countries. Band.

What are the amateur radio regions?

There are three regional IARU organizations corresponding to the three ITU Radio Regions:

  • Region 1 — Africa, Europe, Middle East, and northern Asia.
  • Region 2 — the Americas.
  • Region 3 — the rest of Asia and the Pacific.

What are the ft8 frequencies?


Frequencies 3.573 MHz,7.074 MHz,10.136 MHz,14.074 MHz,24.915 MHz,50.323 MHz,70.1 MHz,144.174 MHz,1.84 MHz,18.1 MHz,21.074 MHz,28.074 MHz,50.313 MHz
Frequency Range 1.84 MHz – 144.174 MHz
Mode USB
Modulation GFSK

What is ITU region1?

Region 1 comprises Europe, Africa, the former Soviet Union, Mongolia, and the Middle East west of the Persian Gulf, including Iraq. The western boundary is defined by Line B.

What is the purpose of a beacon station?

It is a simple low- and medium-frequency transmitter used to locate airway intersections and airports and to conduct instrument approaches, with the use of a radio direction finder located on the aircraft.

What is a beacon frequency?

Beacon is transmitted once on each frequency, from low (14.100 MHz) to high (28

How many ITU Regions are there?

three ITU regions
The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), in its International Radio Regulations, divides the world into three ITU regions for the purposes of managing the global radio spectrum. Each region has its own set of frequency allocations, the main reason for defining the regions.

What is needed for FT8?

To use FT8 you need four things: An HF transceiver with data or SSB capability. An audio interface, a way to get receive audio from the radio into a computer and audio output of the computer into the radio, typically a sound card interface. A computer capable of running the FT8 software and time synchronization.

What are the three divisions of the ITU?

The ITU is organised into three sectors – Radiocommunication, Telecommunication Standardisation and Telecommunication Development – known respectively as ITU-R, ITU-T and ITU-D.

What is beacon signal?

Beacons are primarily radio, ultrasonic, optical, laser or other types of signals that indicate the proximity or location of a device or its readiness to perform a task. Beacon signals help synchronize, coordinate and manage electronic resources using miniscule bandwidth.