What episode of X Files was banned?

“Home” was the only episode of The X-Files to carry a TV-MA rating upon broadcast and the first to receive a viewer discretion warning for graphic content….Home (The X-Files)

Episode no. Season 4 Episode 2
Directed by Kim Manners
Written by Glen Morgan James Wong
Production code 4X03

When did Scully get pregnant?

In the seventh season finale, “Requiem”, Scully mysteriously became pregnant. The child, named William, after her own father, as well as Mulder’s father, was born at the end of the eighth season.

Is Scully Mulder’s sister?

Samantha Ann Mulder is a fictional character in the television series The X-Files. She is the younger sister of FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder and the daughter of Teena and Bill Mulder. As a child, Samantha was abducted, ostensibly by aliens, and was never returned.

Where can I watch X Files Season 10?

You can watch The X-Files online via FOX Live website. You will need your login and password information for your cable provider. You can also live stream The X-Files season 10 on your phone, tablet or mobile device by downloading the FOX NOW App (App Store, Google Play, Windows Store), login with your cable provider info and begin watching.

Where can I watch X Files for free?

Netflix is a paid subscription service and only Netflix account holders can stream available episodes of The X-Files. Anyone without a Netflix account can temporarily watch the TV show without a paid subscription. You can sign up for a free trial account valid for 30 days.

What episode is home X Files?

Home (The X-Files) “Home” is the second episode of the fourth season of the American science fiction television series The X-Files, which originally aired on the Fox Broadcasting Company network on October 11, 1996.