What is a half blood knot used for?

Joining monofilament nylon line
Blood knot/Typical use

How strong is the Half Blood Knot?

When two half blood knots are used to join two lines they are considered as one knot and called a blood knot. A half blood knot is one of the strongest knots for tying a medium-size hook to a medium-size line such as hooksize 4 to 4/0 onto line size 6 lb to 30 lb….

Blood knot
ABoK #295, #345, #1413

Why is it called a blood knot?

The blood knot, also known as the double blood knot, joins two fishing lines of similar sizes like different sections of the leader or tippet. It has a breaking strength of around 83%. Its name originated from its use on the business end of a Cat o’ nine tails whip.

What is a 5 turn Grinner knot?

The 5 turn grinner knot is good for carp fishing because it’s quite universal and will work with a variety of fishing lines. The grinner knot is not difficult to tie and can be used to tie the mainline to swivels as well as rigs to swivels.

What to do with a Locked Half Blood Knot?

The Locked Half Blood Knot is a simple to tie knot and suitable for many species from the estuary to the reef and suitable for use attaching terminal tackle using Monofilament line up to 30lb (15kg) however I have seen this used on lines slightly heavier.

How many wraps do you need for a Half Blood Knot?

With ultra-stiff mono materials you can get away with just two or three wraps, but six or seven is ideal with other materials. 4) To complete the knot, take the tag end back through the loop left by your finger at the hook/swivel end. 5) Moisten the knot and gently pull the tag end to tighten it down. 6) The finished knot is neat and simple.

Is the Half Blood Knot good for carp fishing?

A simple classic that stands many youngsters and angling newcomers in good stead, the half blood knot still has a place in carp fishing. It is very strong when tied with flurocarbon and stiff monos and only needs a couple of turns when space is tight (such as when tying chod rigs).