What is Debridat tablet used for?

Debridat Oral Suspension is a prescription medicine used to treat the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome or digestive disorders such as abdominal pain and cramps, spasms, flatulence, diarrhoea and/or constipation. There are alternative treatments available for patients.

When should I take Debridat?

Take this medication by mouth before meals, usually 3 times daily or as directed by your doctor. Dosage is based on your medical condition and response to treatment. Do not increase the dose, take this medication more often, or continue taking it for longer than prescribed.

How do you take Debridat tablets?

HOW TO USE: Take this by mouth as directed before meals usually three times a day. Do not increase the dose, take it more often or continue taking this for longer than prescribed. SIDE EFFECTS: Dry mouth, foul taste, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, drowsiness, dizziness, fatigue or headache may occur.

Is Debridat safe in pregnancy?

Trimebutine should be used during pregnancy only if the potential benefit to the patient outweighs the risk to the patient and fetus. Lactation: Safety for use in lactation has not been established. The effect of trimebutine on the ability to drive or use machinery has not been systematically evaluated.

Is trimebutine an antibiotic?

Trimebutine is a mentioned “non-antibiotic” and the exact mechanism leading to its in vitro bacteriostatic/bactericidal effect observed in our study is not clear. Therefore, further research is needed to investigate any potential effect of trimebutine in bacterial growth and/or metabolism.

Can Debridat cause constipation?

Side Effects Dry mouth, heartburn, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, drowsiness, dizziness, tiredness or headache may occur. If any of these effects persist or worsen, tell your doctor or pharmacist promptly. Tell your doctor right away if any of these rare but very serious side effects occur: difficulty urinating.

How long does trimebutine take to work?

The free base form or salt form of trimebutine are rapidly absorbed after oral administration, with the peak plasma concentration reached after 1 hour of ingestion 3. The time to reach peak plasma concentration following a single oral dose of 200mg trimebutine is 0.80 hours 8.

What is Colimix medicine for?

Colimex Oral Drops is commonly given to treat stomach pain, bloating, and abdominal cramps, and pain associated with excessive acidity, gas, infections, and gastrointestinal tract diseases. It also controls symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. It relaxes the muscles of the gut and absorbs the extra gas.

How long does it take for Trimebutine to work?

What kind of medication is Debridat used for?

Debridat (Trimebutine Maleate) belongs to the class of medications called spasmolytics. It is used to treat irritable bowel syndrome (spastic colon). This condition is caused by overactive movements of the bowels.

Is the trimebutine in Debridat an approved drug?

Debridat contain Trimebutine maleate 100mg as an active ingredient. Trimebutine is not a FDA-approved drug, but it is available in several countries including Canada.

What do you need to know about Debridat and IBS?

Debridat Uses. It is used to treat symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome IBS (spastic colon). It may also be used after intestinal surgery. Used in Digestive disorders such as abdominal pain & cramps, spasms, flatulence, diarrhoea &/or constipation. It may also be used for the purpose not listed above.

When is the best time to take Debridat?

Take Debridat before meals with your mouth. Shake the suspension well before measuring a dose. Use a measuring cup, spoon or dropper to measure the specified dose of the suspension. Take debridat usually three times a day. Do not increase your dose, take it more often, or take it longer than prescribed.