What is flamed bluestone?

Flamed bluestone is created by firing a flame at the natural stone, causing the surface to burst and dimple, producing a rough texture and increasing the surface’s grip. Flamed bluestone is extremely durable and hard-wearing, so it’s the perfect paver to use in outdoor spaces.

What is a flamed edge?

Flamed Edge This edge is cut 90 degrees from the face of the stone and is torched to give the stone a more natural look instead of a sawn edge, which can show saw marks and other imperfections.

What is Thermal finish on bluestone?

Thermal finishes are commonly applied to bluestone to make the material more hard-wearing and have a smoother feel to the touch. Washed bluestone has rounded edges. Full Range Natural Cleft Finish Bluestone. For the thickness of the stone, Pieces are cut to exact dimensions so coverage is dependent on how much you buy.

Is bluestone more expensive than granite?

Bluestone pavers cost between $4 and $9 per square foot, while granite tile ranges between $5 and $15 per square foot. Both are common types of natural stone for outdoor patios.

How do you fire a stone finish?

Flaming, applying a high heat at high pressure, causes small bits of the stone to flake off, erasing the cut marks. To flame, you need a water-cooled propane torch. You can use a water-cooled propane torch on granite, quartzite, sandstone and bluestone but not on marble, cement, artificial stones or some limestones.

What is a thermal finish?

The Thermal finish is produced by applying a high-temperature flame to the surface of the stone. This flame fractures crystals on the face, leaving a rough-textured finish. Highly skid-resistant, this finish is an excellent choice for walking surfaces.

How do you fire the edge in bluestone?

Can marble be flamed?

Characteristics. The flamed finish of marble and natural stone gives the rock a rough, vitreous and very natural appearance. The stone acquires a rough aspect in which soft mounds and depressions alternate and curl the surface providing an elegant anti-slippery treatment.

What kind of edge treatment is used on flagstone?

This edge is thermal treated after being rounded on the top and bottom of the stone. This edge treatment is commonly used on pool and spa coping to create a more formal appearance. This edge starts off with a thermal finish which we then round over on any exposed edges by ¾”, creating a gentle eased edge that can soften the edge.

What’s the standard size of thermal bluestone flagstone?

Due to the tighter tolerances in both size and thickness (in comparison to the natural cleft stone), it tends to be much easier to install. Standard sizes range from nominal 12″ x 12″ up to nominal 24″ x 36″ furnished in 6″ multiples. Setting drawings and odd-cut sizes are also available with this product.

What are the different colors of bluestone paving?

For those who prefer a smoother, more consistent texture, our thermal bluestone paving is an excellent choice. The color ranges available are the “Blue to Gray” range, or the “Variegated” range. Each stone is furnished with four sawn edges, a sawn back, and a thermal (flamed) top surface.

What kind of stone can be flamed?

While the process can only be applied to stones like granite that have minerals with varying expansions rates, as well as bluestone, there are certain hard limestones and marbles that can also withstand the process. To achieve the style, an intense flame is held at the stone’s wet surface.