What is good at Slapfish?

Five Must-Have Seafood Dishes at Slapfish Irvine

  • The Chowder Fries! I would never have expected this dish to be my daughters favorite, but it is.
  • The Anteater Burger!
  • Hop Pop Fish Bites!
  • Organic Salad!
  • Ultimate Fish Taco!

Does Slapfish use real lobster?

As New Englanders who had lived in Southern California for decades, we were skeptical when we heard that Slapfish in Laguna Beach had real lobster rolls. But it’s true. Fresh Maine lobster mixed with celery and a little mayo and stuffed into a grilled hot dog bun.

What are the Slapfish sauces?

Slapfish makes its own tasty sauces, including buttermilk herb, tomatillo salsa, tequila lime cocktail sauce and the spicy awesome sauce, which is as advertised.

What is a Slapfish?

Format. Slapfish has been described as “the Chipotle of seafood.” The store concept of a self-described “modern seafood shack” is based on seafood huts typically found in Southern California and Mexico.

Who is the owner of Slapfish?

Chef Andrew Gruel
THE man behind one of the America’s up and coming fish restaurant businesses has said it is time to make seafood sexy again. Chef Andrew Gruel is the owner of Slapfish, a fast-casual restaurant.

Does Slapfish have alcohol?

Beer, yes, they have a small selection of bottled beer.

Why is it called Slapfish?

CULINARY QUEST: How did you come up with the name? CHEF ANDREW: We love onomatopoeia (words that imitate a sound). We want people to “hear” the fresh fish slapping around on the dock. In addition, the name matches our character and sense of humor.

How much sodium is in a lobster roll?

Here is the nutritional breakdown for a pound of lobster meat: 413 calories, 76.7 grams of protein, 8.6 grams fat, 2.3 grams carbohydrate, 1,178 milligrams potassium, 830 milligrams phosphorus, 8.2 milligrams zinc, 471 milligrams selenium, 900 milligrams cholesterol and 1,359 milligrams sodium.

How much is a Slapfish franchise?

How much does a Slapfish franchise cost? Slapfish has a franchise fee of up to $30,000, with a total initial investment range of $128,000 to $672,150.

What kind of food does Slapfish have?


  • Street Taco. Grilled or fried fish, corn tortilla, cabbage, awesome sauce, jersey sauce, salsa.
  • Chowder Fries. Natural-cut fries smothered in creamy clam chowder & bacon.
  • New England Clam Chowder. Red potatoes, clams, bacon.
  • Shrimp Ceviche. Marinated shrimp, tomato, lime, cucumber, tortilla chips.

Does lobster have high sodium?

Despite its rich reputation, lobster is low in saturated fats, clocking in at a total of 0.2 grams in a 3-ounce serving compared to the same sized serving of steak, which contains 4.7 grams. Lobster does serve up a high dose of sodium, however — nearly half of the recommended daily amount for healthy diners.

Why is lobster high in sodium?

Sodium. Because lobster is a saltwater animal, it naturally contains sodium. A 3.5-ounce serving of lobster tail contains 296 milligrams of sodium. When you eat too much sodium, you’re putting yourself at a higher risk for high blood pressure, stroke and kidney disease.

What to eat at Slapfish in Huntington Beach?

Lobster roll yummm. We had oysters 3 times at this great seafood restaurant which was part of Sla… If you’re hungry, try the burger topped with lobster. Is this restaurant a hidden gem or off-the-beaten path? Yes No Unsure Is this restaurant good for brunch? Yes No Unsure Is this restaurant good for local cuisine? Yes No Unsure

What kind of seafood is at Slapfish restaurant?

Slapfish is an honest flippin’ seafood brand serving craveable, well-sourced seafood in a fast casual setting. Slapfish brings a truly refreshing and honest approach to sourcing and a fresh, exciting menu that rotates daily.

Is the fish and chips at Slapfish good?

The fish and chips… the fish was perfectly fried and has a beautiful crispy and crunch to the bite. The fish was cooked just right. Comes with seasoned fries. Poke bowl was decent, sauces came on the side as we ordered this to-go. The taquitos were tasty and good as a starter (one order comes with 2).