What is Mora Sweden known for?

The town of Mora is well known for its craft products. A famous Swedish souvenir, dalahäst, a wooden horse, is produced in the village Nusnäs just outside Mora. The high quality yet inexpensive Mora knives are made in Mora. Steel production company Ovako has a production site in Mora.

Which country is Mora?

Mora [1] is a city in the Dalarna province in Sweden. It is situated by the lake Siljan, the sixth largest lake in Sweden. The municipality of Mora has about 20.000 inhabitants.

What region is Mora in?

Far North Region
Mora, Far North Region, Cameroon

Alternative Names: Mora, More, Море
Region: Far North Region, Cameroon
Latitude: 11° 2′ 45″ N
Longitude: 14° 8′ 24″ E
Lat/Long (dec): 11.04611,14.14011

What county is Mora Sweden in?

Dalarna County
Mora Municipality (Mora kommun) is a municipality in Dalarna County in central Sweden….Mora Municipality, Sweden.

Mora Municipality Mora kommun
Country Sweden
County Dalarna County
Seat Mora

What is Mora in Japanese?

The mora is generally defined. as a unit of duration in Japanese (Bloch 1950), where it is used to measure. the length of words and utterances.

What is a Swedish Mora clock?

Gustavian Mora clocks are a type of longcase clock which were made in, and derived their name from, the town of Mora in Dalarna province, Sweden.

Is Mora a name?

Mora as a girl’s name is of Irish/Gaelic origin meaning “star of the sea”.

What is mora in Japanese?

What is the meaning of mora?

A mora is a sound which comes after a short pause in a syllable. The term comes from the Latin word for “linger, delay”, which was also used to translate the Greek word chronos (time) in its metrical sense.

What is a Swedish mora clock?

What is mora called in English?

What kind of name is mora?

Portuguese, Spanish, and Catalan (Móra): habitational name from any of the places named Mora, in some cases from mora ‘mulberry’ (Late Latin mora, originally the plural of classical Latin morum).

Who are the makers of Mora of Sweden?

These are made in the same Scandanavian knife tradition for over a century. We have now as then, the same manufacturing thinking, that is, with rational methods of transferring precision craftsmanship to modern machines. Mora of Sweden formed in 2005 in the merger of Frost’s Knife factory and KJ Eriksson.

How big is the city of Mora Sweden?

Mora as a municipality never received the title of a city ( stad) before the local government reform of 1971, but as the population exceeds 10,000 the locality is today counted as a city by Statistics Sweden . In Stand Still, Stay Silent comic series by Minna Sundberg, Mora is featured as the “capital of Scandinavia “.

What kind of climate does Mora, Sweden have?

The northern part of the municipality marks the beginning of the Scandinavian mountain range . Mora has a cold version of the humid continental climate, where it is at the periphery of the northern zone.

How many countries do Mora of Sweden knives go to?

The company sends Swedish Knives from one factory to more than 55 countries around the work, exporting 65% of their knives. The extensive knife-making process followed by Morakniv involves the selection of the steel that perfectly matches its functionality and application.