What is user status in SAP PM?

The user status is a status you enter yourself, which you can set or activate as a complement to the system status. You can define and activate as many user statuses as you want.

How do I view status profiles in SAP?

Status Profiles in SAP

  1. Status Profiles in SAP.
  2. You can create Status profiles for documents or transactions and then set up authorizations for certain activities.
  3. Create Status Profile.
  4. Go to Define Status Profiles.
  5. Choose object types for status profile.

How do I change my profile status?

Step 1 − You can use T-code: OK02 or go to SPRO → IMG → Project Systems → Structure → Operative Structure → Work breakdown structure → WBS user status → Create Status profile. Step 2 − A new screen Change status profile overview will open.

What is the difference between system status and user status in SAP PM?

In the SAP System, a distinction is made between system status and user status. A system status is a status set by the system. It informs the user that a particular function was carried out on an object. A user status is activated by the user and can be created as an addition to the existing system status.

What is a user status?

User status is the status for orders or notifications which can be set/reset by user. It is same as system status. But in case of system status the system generate the status. User cannot do anything to stop or to change the system status.

How do you maintain user status in SAP?

Configuration of User status profile for production Order

  1. Once production order made.
  2. Go to.
  3. Click on object types & tick PP/PM: order header.
  4. Come back to user status screen and maintain as below.
  5. Altered to Set which specifies that the status is to be activated when this business transaction is carried out.

What is a profile status?

A status profile is created in customizing per order type. Within a status profile you can. Define user statuses and document their function in long texts.

How do I set user status in SAP?

To define a user status, proceed as follows: Create a status profile. Assign the status profile to an object type. Define one or more user statuses for the status profile.

What is PM configuration?

Project configuration management is managing the configuration of all the project’s key products and assets. This includes any end products that will be delivered to the customer, as well as all management products, such as the project management plan and performance management baseline.

What is user rate?

a measure of the quantity of a product consumed by a user in a given period; users may be subdivided as heavy, moderate and light.

How do I assign a status profile to an order type?

How do I create a user status in SAP?

In this SAP tutorials, you will learn how to create user status profile in SAP step by step using tcode “OK02”….Navigation.

SAP R/3 Role Menu Create user status profile
SAP Menu Path SPRO > Project System > Structures > Operative structures > Work breakdown structures > WBS user status > Create status profile.

What is status profile and system status in SAP?

User Status and System Status in SAP: The Both at sales doc header level (Sales type) and item level (Item category a status profile can be assigned. A status profile holds a set of statuses for a sales document.

How do I Change User status in SAP?

2. Choose change user role and go to menu tab. Add transaction (say VA02) for which you want to give authorization to change user status for sales order header or item 3. Go to Authorization tab and choose ‘change authorization data’.

How are status profiles assigned to order types?

A user status profile is assigned to an order type or a project profile in configuration. This user status profile is then defaulted into all objects that reference that order type or project profile.

Can a pm order be assigned to a user status?

Also make the Order Assignment to Notification as ALLOWED. Using above combination, without Release of Notification, PM Order can’t be assigned to that Notification. In addition to providing User Status for the documents, access should be given to correct person so that the user status can’t be used for misguidance of business process.