What songs did Richard Marx write for other singers?

He has written with numerous artists, including “To Where You Are,” the first hit single from Josh Groban’s debut album, and the NSYNC smash, “This I Promise You.” He went on to earn a 2004 Song of the Year Grammy for co-authoring Luther Vandross’ “Dance with My Father.” Overall, he has scored 14 No.

Who did Richard Marx written songs for?

As the 20th century gave way to the 2000s, he penned chart-topping hits for ‘N Sync and Josh Groban, won a Grammy Award with Luther Vandross’s “Dance With My Father” and cemented a long, successful relationship with country music.

Did Richard Marx write his own songs?

Marx over his career has had 14 No. 1 songs as a writer — one in each of four different decades. He and Vandross’ “Dance With My Father” won the 2004 Grammy for Song of the Year. He’s written or performed hits on Billboard’s country, adult contemporary, mainstream rock, holiday and pop charts.

What song did Richard Marx write for Lionel?

Before achieving popularity for his own music, singer Richard Marx was a studio musician who can be heard singing backing vocals on “You Are” as well as other songs from Richie’s debut album. Richie re-worked the song as a duet with country singer Blake Shelton for Richie’s 2012 Tuskegee album.

Who did Richard Marx wrote right here waiting for?

Richard Marx
Bruce Gaitsch
Right Here Waiting/Composers

What band was Richard Marx with?

Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band2006 – 2006
Richard Marx/Music groups

Is Richard Marx ill?

Now Marx says he’s feeling “100% great and healthy” and looking forward to all that’s still to come, including the release of his new memoir and getting back out on the road with Fuentes, 54, by his side. “It’s definitely made a mark on me and us as a couple,” he says of the illness.

What kind of music is Richard Marx?

Pop rock
The latter song won several Grammy Awards. Songs written or co-written by Marx have topped the charts in four different decades….

Richard Marx
Genres Pop rock adult contemporary soft rock
Occupation(s) Singer songwriter
Years active 1980–present

Who wrote the song you are?

Lionel Richie
You Are/Composers

What year did the song Right Here Waiting for You by Richard Marx come out?

Right Here Waiting/Released

Who sang the song waiting for you?

Richard Marx
Right Here Waiting/Artists

How did Richard Marx meet Daisy Fuentes?

Richard Marx is loving every second of life with his “Now and Forever” muse, wife Daisy Fuentes. Though he only got married to Fuentes, 54, in 2015, Marx first became aware of her back in the ’90s, when he saw her on MTV.

Who was the lyricist for Richard Marx’s first album?

Marx wrote the lyrics for all of the songs on his debut, with the exception of “Lonely Heart” and “Remember Manhattan” which were written by Fee Waybill from The Tubes. Marx co-wrote the music for the album with Bruce Gaitsch, Jim Lang, and Michael Omartian.

Who is the composer of the Marx Brothers?

Richard Marx (II) Soundtrack | Composer | Actor. Richard Marx was born on September 16, 1963 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He has been married to Daisy Fuentes since December 23, 2015.

Why did Richard Marx listen to Don’t Mean Nothing?

Marx told us: “He only came in the studio because he heard a demo of the song and really loved the song. So I didn’t know him. It was all for the right reasons. It was all just music. He heard the song, went, ‘Yeah, I really like the song, and I don’t care that it’s his first record.’

Why did Richard Marx become a solo artist?

Marx was determined to become a solo artist, stating that “I didn’t want to give my best songs away. “Should’ve Known Better”, for instance, was written three years ago, and whenever I’d play it for an artist I’d get a real good response. It was the song I could’ve placed the easiest, but I knew that I should be the one to do it.