What time is super off-peak Travelcard?

Super Off-Peak travel times are normally between around 10:00 to 15:30 and from 19:15 onwards Monday to Friday. You can also travel Super Off-Peak during weekends and bank holidays.

What are off-peak times on Greater Anglia?

For the cheapest Off-Peak fares, Oyster Cards offer Off-Peak prices on Pay as you go journeys after 09:30 but not between 16:00 and 19:00.

How much is an off-peak day Travelcard?

Daily prices

Type Day Anytime Price Off-Peak Day Price
Adult Zones 1-2 £12.70 £12.70
Adult Zones 1-4 £12.70 £12.70
Adult Zones 1-6 £18.10 £12.60

What does Super off-peak Travelcard mean?

Super Off-Peak fares are cheaper tickets for travelling on trains that are less busy. A Super Off-Peak Day Travelcard allow customers to travel to London and enjoy unlimited travel throughout London on National Rail, London Underground, Docklands Light Railway, Tramlink and London Bus services within Fare Zones 1-6.

What time does off-peak start on Chiltern Railways?

Trains which are timed to leave London Marylebone after 04:29 and before 11:30 or between 16:00 and 19:00, on weekdays.

Can you use Oyster on Greater Anglia?

On the Greater Anglia network, Oyster cards can be used on the London suburban system between Liverpool Street, Enfield Town, Cheshunt via Southbury, Broxbourne via Tottenham Hale, Chingford, Gidea Park and Shenfield, also on the Romford to Upminster line.

Can I use Oyster on Greater Anglia?

When can you use off peak day return?

When and where the ticket can be used 4.4 Off-Peak Singles and the outward portion of Off-Peak Returns are valid for travel on the date shown on the ticket and until 04:29 the following morning. If the journey cannot be completed in this time, the ticket may be used to continue the journey on the following day.

When do off peak Day Travelcards expire in London?

Within the London Fare Zones, Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak Day Travelcards are valid on the day for which the ticket is dated, without evening restrictions, and until 04:29 on the following day. The validity of the Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak Day Travelcard ends on completion of the return journey to the originating station.

Are there any off peak tickets for Greater Anglia?

Greater Anglia Off-peak, Off-Peak Day and Super Off-Peak Day tickets (including First Class versions and Day/Family Travelcards) to and from London* are valid at the following times: 09:28 to Cambridge (to Cheshunt and beyond). 09:02 to Ipswich (Stratford, 09:09) to stations on the Sudbury branch only.

Is the National Rail Super Off peak day travel card valid?

Within the London Fares Zones, the ticket is valid for unlimited travel. A break of journey is permitted on the return portion off a Super Off-Peak Day Return unless otherwise indicated by a restriction shown against the ticket’s Restriction Code. Within the London Fares Zones, the ticket is valid for unlimited travel.

Where are off peak and Super Off peak train tickets?

Day Travelcards come in Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak versions. Super Off-Peak Travelcards are available from stations south of Manningtree/Harwich and Cambridge inclusive. Off-Peak Family Travelcards, for adults and children travelling together, are also available from stations south of Manningtree/Harwich and Cambridge.