What was the 2015 Super Bowl commercial about?

Super Bowl 2015 appears to be the the year of the dadvertising. Nissan’s 90-second ad is the Boyhood of spots, following a family over the course of a boy’s childhood as he watches his Dad compete on the NASCAR circuit. The cinematography is good, it’s pretty heartwarming, but the story-telling is only so-so.

Why was there a feminine care AD in the Super Bowl?

The ad may be the first time a feminine care product was advertised during the Super Bowl and is a prominent example of how companies trying to woo women customers are shifting advertising tactics.

Why was the tampon and pads commercial so bad?

Stein argued that’s because the best way to sell pads and tampons is to get women to feel like their periods are shameful, embarrassing and dirty episodes. “I thought they did a great job, but it has zero to do with menstruation, as do most menstrual ads,” Stein said.

Why was the always pads commercial so popular?

It’s still unclear whether the campaign is actually pushing more girls to buy Always pads, but Adobe ranked “Like a Girl” the top digital campaign of the Super Bowl, based on an analysis of mentions on a variety of social networks and Internet platforms.

Who is the guy in the Nissan commercial?

Set to the tune of Harry Chapin’s “Cat’s in the Cradle,” Nissan’s Super Bowl 2015 commercial follows the son of a Nissan race car driver as he watches his dad rise to champion status over the years. At a distance the father watches his son slowly grow to be just like him. Jolene Kay Mom, Matthew Hoffman

Who are the actors in the Snickers commercial?

In possibly the most bizarre and funniest take yet, Danny Trejo plays an axe-wielding Marcia and Steve Buscemi a pouty Jan in a surreal episode of The Brady Bunch. A couple Super Bowls from now, the Snickers ad will just be an extended version of “Too Many Cooks,” and I’m fine with that.