When did Carlos Menem become president of Argentina?

Carlos Saúl Menem (2 July 1930 – 14 February 2021) was an Argentine lawyer and politician who served as the 44th president of Argentina from 1989 to 1999. He was also a Senator for La Rioja Province from 2005 until his death. Ideologically, he identified as a Peronist and supported economically liberal policies.

Who was the first President of the Republic of Argentina?

A new congress wrote a new constitution and elected Bernardino Rivadavia as president in the process. Rivadavia was the first President of Argentina.

Who was the outgoing president of Buenos Aires?

Carlos Menem and outgoing president Raúl Alfonsín, during the presidential transition. Antonio Cafiero, who had been elected governor of Buenos Aires Province, led the renewal of the PJ, and was considered their most likely candidate for the presidency. Menem, on the other hand, was seen as a populist leader.

Who is the new First Lady of Argentina?

The new first lady of Argentina Juliana Awada, 41, and her husband President Mauricio Macri, 56, have been celebrating his recent election victory with some very public displays of affection.

What did Carlos Menem do for his country?

Menem supported the Washington Consensus, and tackled inflation with the Convertibility plan in 1991. The plan was complemented by a series of privatizations, and was a success. Argentina re-established diplomatic relations with the United Kingdom, suspended since the 1982 Falklands War, and developed special relations with the United States.

When was Carlos Menem elected governor of La Rioja?

Carlos Menem (right) meets the elected president Héctor Cámpora in 1973. Menem was elected governor of La Rioja in 1973 when the proscription of Peronism was lifted. He was deposed during the 1976 Argentine coup d’état that overthrew President Isabel Martínez de Perón.

Where did Carlos Menem live in Mar del Plata?

He settled in Mar del Plata. Menem met Admiral Eduardo Massera, who intended to run for president, and had public meetings with personalities such as Carlos Monzón, Susana Giménez, and Alberto Olmedo. As a result, he was forced to reside in another city, Tandil.

Who is the oldest living president of Argentina?

Menem ran for the presidency again in 2003, but faced with a likely defeat in a ballotage against Néstor Kirchner, he chose to pull out of the ballotage, effectively handing the presidency to Kirchner. He was elected senator for La Rioja in 2005. At 89, he is currently the oldest living former Argentine president.

When did Nestor Kirchner take office as president of Argentina?

Kirchner took office as president of Argentina on 25 May 2003. Contrary to tradition, the ceremony was held at the Palace of the Argentine National Congress rather than Casa Rosada. He announced that he would spearhead change on many issues, from politics to culture.