Where can I use my Met card MMU?

The met card can be used in any of the food and drink locations below.

  • All Saints Coffee Bar.
  • Birley Café
  • Birley Kitchen.
  • Business School · Hub Café
  • Business School · Hub Kitchen.
  • Business School · Business Café
  • Geoffrey Manton Atrium Café
  • Grow Café

What is a Met card?

The met card is a cashless card that can be used to pay for goods and services around campus and through our online vendors. Each card has a unique ID number and can be topped up, by the student or a third party, at www.mmu.ac.uk/metcard, to be spent on Manchester Met’s various goods and services.

How do I check the balance on my Met card?

Can I Have Money Transferred From My Met Card To My Bank Account

  1. Students can check the balance of their Met card here.
  2. One they have checked their Met card balance, students should email [email protected] from their student email account.

Can I withdraw money from my Met card?

7. Card balances on Met Cards are not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash. 8. For any purchase made with the Met Card, you may be asked for additional ID (e.g. MMU student or staff ID card) so please be prepared to show this ID.

Where can I use my MMU ID card?

Only MMU Student ID cards can be used on the Multi-Functional Printers themselves – please do not use your met card to access printing facilities. This can be paid for online via the met card website or at one of the following Finance Service Centres: Manchester Campus (Righton Building).

How much can I buy with MMU met card?

If you don’t receive an email within a few minutes please check your spam filter. If you need to contact the student store please send an email to [email protected]. Please note that in agreement with the University, your Metcard can only be used to make purchases up to the value of £2000 per year from the site.

Where can I use my Manchester Metropolitan University card?

The met card can be used in any of the food and drink locations below. For more information visit the food and drink website. If you are eligible to receive the University’s Student Support Package, this may be automatically added to your met card too.

How to report a MMU met card stolen?

To access more met card Services or report a card lost or stolen please log in to your MMU Account