Where is Jesse Jane McParland now?

JJ is now back in China with her father, taking part in the competition’s semi-final.

How old is Jesse Jane McParland now?

12 years old
Jesse Jane McParland is now 12 years old, she is still a little girl with 3 sisters and a dog named Baloo.

Who is jesse Jane McParland?

Jesse-Jane McParland is a martial artist who took part in Series 9 of Britain’s Got Talent. At the time of the audition, she was 9 years old, and this fact was enhanced with clips of her playing with other child auditionees, and Amanda Holden describing her as a ‘dinky little thing’.

When was Jesse Jane McParland born?

JJ McParland was born on October 28, 2005 (age 15) in Ireland. She is a celebrity realitystar.

Who was the girl with Calum Scott at his audition?

Jade Scott
Jade Scott was a singer who auditioned for Series 9 of Britain’s Got Talent. She is the sister of Calum Scott. In her audition, she performed ‘Say You Love Me’, however judge Simon Cowell stopped her early into her performance, and asked her to sing another song.

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What are the names of JJ McParland’s sisters?

She has two younger sisters named Molly Mae and Sugar Rae. She was cast alongside Kathryn Newton in the 2015 film The Martial Arts Kid.

How old was JJ McParland when she started karate?

She earned her first gold medal at the WKC World Karate Championships at only seven years old. She was born Jesse Jane McPharland in Armagh, Ireland to Gary and Sinead McParland.

How old are Molly Mae and sugar Rae McParland?

Miss McParland has two sisters – Molly Mae, six, and two-year-old Sugar Rae, both of whom have tried out their elder sister’s hobby. Their mother said: ‘Molly Mae is a bad asthmatic and can’t really do the training. We had started her at it but she told us I don’t want to do that so we said that’s fine we let you choose what you want to do.