Which Rishi Dhamala?

Rishi Dhamala is a Nepalese journalist and the founder of a Nepali journalist association, Reporter’s Club Nepal….

Rishi Dhamala
Born Durga Raj Dhamala 12 November 1964 Dhading District, Nepal
Occupation Journalist
Language Nepali
Education Intermediate in Arts (IA) in 1995 from People’s Campus Paknajol

What is the age of Rishi Dhamala?

56 years (November 12, 1964)
Rishi Dhamala/Age

When Rishi Dhamala married?

He was born on 12 November 1964 and his age is 56 years old. And his wife ALiza Gautam Dhamala is 27 years old. So, Rishi dhamala and his wife age gap is 28 years. He is father of son “Arik” and daughter “Arika”….Rishi Dhamala | Biography, Wife, Age, Height, Interviews.

Name Rishi Dhamala
Wife Aliza Gautam
Son Arik
Daughter Arika
Affiliation Reporter’s Club Nepal

Who is Rishi Dhamala’s wife?

Aliza Gautam
Rishi Dhamala/Wife

Who is UDIP Shrestha?

Udip Shrestha is a doctor and a business person. He was born on August 4 1992 in Chitwan Nepal and his age is 29 years old. He is most popularly known as the husband of Aanchal Sharma….Udip Shrestha | Full Biography, age, wife, clinic and family.

Name Dr. Udip Shrestha
Date of Birth August 04 1992
Father Businessman (Chitwan)
Height 5′ 9″
Profession Doctor, Businessman

Who is Aanchal Sharma husband?

Udip Shrestha
Aanchal Sharma is a Nepali film actress, model and VJ from Nepal….

Aanchal Sharma
Born March 18, 1995 (age 26) Kathmandu, Nepal
Occupation Actress model VJ
Years active 2016–present
Spouse(s) Udip Shrestha (m. 2020)

What is the age of Shiva Shrestha?

66 years (September 18, 1954)
Shiva Shrestha/Age

Who is the mega star of Nepal?

Rajesh Hamal
Rajesh Hamal. listen), born 9 June 1964 in Tansen, Palpa, Nepal) is a Nepali film actor, singer, model, and television host.

How old is Anchal Sharma?

26 years (March 18, 1995)
Aanchal Sharma/Age

Who is Rishi dhamala and what does he do?

Rishi dhamala is Nepalese journalist and founder of a Nepali journalist association, Reporter’s Club Nepal. In addition, dhamala works for several other media outlets in Nepal.

What is the name of the high jump flop?

Fosbury Flop. The Fosbury Flop is a style used in the athletics event of high jump.

When did Rishi dhamala get arrested in Nepal?

On 3 February 2009 Rishi was arrested by the Nepalese police for links with a terrorist outfit, Ranvir Sena engaged in serial blasts across Nepal. But was released on 13 April, by the Appellate Court Patan. ^ “My 3 Mistakes – Rishi vaiya Wave Magazine”. wavemag.com.np. Retrieved 14 June 2017.

Who is wife of Nepal Prime Minster Rishi dhamala?

Dhamala’s wife Aliza Goutam Dhamala is said to be a model and a permanent resident of Canada. Several online memes surfaced in Nepali social media circle after Dhamala’s wife said in a TV interview that Rishi Dhamala deserves to be Nepal prime-minster or president.