Who are the key figures in Shahnameh?

Important characters:

  • Sam.
  • Zal.
  • Simorgh.
  • Rakhsh.
  • Rudabeh.
  • King Kay Kavus.
  • King of Samangan.
  • Tahmina.

What are the three sections of the Shahnameh?

The Shahnameh contains 62 stories, told in 990 chapters with 50,000 rhyming couplets. It is divided into three parts—the mythical, heroic, and historical ages.

Who is the hero of the Shahnameh?

Rostam or Rustam is the most celebrated legendary hero in Shahnameh and Iranian mythology. Rustam was always represented as the mightiest of Iranian paladins ( holy warriors ) and the atmosphere of the episodes in which he features is strongly reminiscent of the Parthian period.

Is Shahnameh real?

The Shahnameh is an epic poem of over 50,000 couplets written in Early New Persian. It is based mainly on a prose work of the same name compiled in Ferdowsi’s earlier life in his native Tus. The text is written in the late Middle Persian, which was the immediate ancestor of Modern Persian.

Is the Shahnameh worth reading?

Thus, the Shahname is a wealthy repository of pre-Islamic Iranian lore, as well as an epic work of epic volume, which has preserved the tales of ancient Iran for us. The Shahname is a book worth reading for everyone, and lucky is the one who can enjoy it in the original Classical Persian.

Who killed Sohrab?

Rostam did not recognise his own son, although Sohrab had suspicions that Rostam may be his father. They fought in single combat and Rostam wrestled Sohrab to the ground, stabbing him fatally. As he lay dying, Sohrab recalled how his love for his father – the mighty Rostam – had brought him there in the first place.

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