4 Must-Have Skills for a Successful Career in Data Analytics

In the 21st century, data has become an integral part of every workplace. Organizations are now putting together a team of individuals that are skilled in analytics and data sciences. This has given the field of data analytics, a much-needed boost as the need for data analytics professionals has grown substantially in the last 4-5 years.

4 Must-Have Skills for a Successful Career in Data Analytics

As a data analyst, you are expected to collect and process data that is utilized to answer questions and solve problems efficiently. The accumulated data helps organizations to make sound business decisions for their growth by pricing products aligned to the market, minimizing transportation costs, solve challenges that cost the company, and much more.

If data analytics is something that interests you, then you’re choosing a field that has a huge scope for growth. To have a successful career and become a skilled professional in this field, you’d need a PG diploma in Data Sciences. Diploma courses from renowned institutions like Jigsaw Academy provide an in-depth study of all the tools that you need to become a successful data analyst. That’s not all, after completion of an 11-month long PG diploma in Data Science, you also get assured a placement a reputable organization.

However, if a PG Diploma in Data Science is on your mind, you need to possess certain skills that will ensure you have a successful career. Here are a few of them:

Analytical Thinking

Analytical skills play a huge role for data analytics professionals. When we speak of analytical skills, it includes the ability to gather, view, and utilize information and details efficiently. With this skill, solving and dealing with a problem by making the right decision becomes efficient.

Critical Thinking

As a critical thinker, you need to go above and beyond the task at hand. This means thinking out of the box and deriving insights from data in front of you. You should always be willing to evaluate further as to what the slightest variation in data means and what it could lead to in the longer run. Looking at a situation from different angles and evaluating the best ways to tackle it is a vital part of being a critical thinker. With this skill, you can expect to soar high in the career field of data analytics.

Good Communication

Communication is an essential skill to acquire, no matter what field you want to pursue. However, as a data analyst, communication is one of the critical skills that you must possess. You don’t only communicate through your data but also need to put your point forth to colleagues, stakeholders, and other decision-makers. Having good communication skills, whether it is verbal or in the written form, will serve you well in the long run.


As a data analyst, your job is like searching a needle in a haystack. You need to notice every small clue that indicates a greater message, concealed in a group of data. This skill also comes handy when it comes to finding mistakes and errors while handling a large chunk of data. Spotting these errors in an array of data is essential, as it can lead to a larger problem if left unchecked.

Data Analytics- A 21st-Century Career Choice

By acquiring all the skills mentioned above, you are on the right path to becoming a professional in the field of data analytics. However, there are various other essential skills that you need to develop with the help of a PG Diploma in Data Science. Some of the technical skills you will learn in a PG Diploma in data sciences are Python, NoSQL, Hive, Apache, and R.

With growing opportunities, more scope is opening for people who pursue a PG diploma in data sciences. The course is proving the right platform to build a fruitful career.