A systematic review of COVID 19 for a diabetic patient-E J Dalius

Taking care of someone with high sugar levels or succumbing yourself to the ailment might make you anxious with coronavirus’s outspread. The virus has caused everyone to worry about their health, especially those with diabetes, as they feel vulnerable to any disease.Although you may be taking every possible precaution and analyzing your health needs, the advent of COVID can be stressful, especially if you live in the virus prone zone.

Knowing the novel virus

According to the World Health Organization, COVID 19 has covered every symptom of a cold. From mild to high fever to respiratory issues as well as chronic respiratory ailments. It is a highly contagious disease, mostly with mild symptoms resulting in the easy recovery. The infection spreads within 14 days from exposure. It has become a global pandemic now, which had started in 2019. According to WHO, most succumb to the deadly virusthatalready has medical conditions, such as diabetes, blood pressure issues, cancer, or respiratory diseases. People with a pre-existing medical condition are more vulnerable when they contract the novel coronavirus.

EJ Dalius tells us how COVID19 probes a risk to diabetic patients.Various studies have proved that people with type 1 and 2 diabetes are severely affected by the virus and suffer serious complications or even death.

Immunity malfunctioning

People with low immunity can suffer dysfunction of the immune system making diabetic people more vulnerable to the virus. When you have a high sugar level, your immune system does not respond well, thus resulting in poor control of infections and making diabetic people susceptible to diseases.

Circulatory system impairment delays healing

Many patients with high sugar levels have mutilated blood circulation. Since the body struggles to fight infections, it becomes weak, thus slowing down the healing process.

Here are a few things you must keep in mind to safeguard your health amidst the virus, especially if you have diabetes. Although most people recover without specialized treatment and hospitalization, yet, COVID symptoms can be fatal for diabetic patients causing to be severe than common flu

Stocking up insulin and medical supplies

Many doctors recommend diabetic patients to keep enough supplies of medicine and food in case of emergency. Keeping sugar candies for low sugar levels, rubbing alcohol, and ketone strips are a few essentials for diabetic patients.

Social distancing is a must

You must ensure that you do not leave the house during these trying times unless it is urgent. The global pandemic is spreading and is in the air. Therefore, to prevent contracting the disease, wash your hands and sanitize them often, says Eric Dalius. Keep your sugar levels in check and keep a distance from people.

Create a medical plan if you plan to quarantine

It is best to take the necessary precautions with pre-existing medical conditions. But in case you plan to quarantine yourself, keep in touch with your doctor virtually or use telemedicine services for healthy blood sugar levels. Make sure to have your insulin refills in stock if you use them.

Stay in touch with a well-wisher

Having a chronic medical ailment, it is smart to have a family member or a friend you can reach out in case of an emergency advice Eric JDalius.

Keep someone reliable on your speed dial list, ready to call the physician, or get you the essentials from a local store. It will be a blessing for you during such a crisis.