Do Marks and Spencer still do wedding cakes?

Never miss a Moment Hi Katie, the business made a decision and we’re no longer offer our Wedding cakes anymore. We do have a lovely selection of cakes that can be personalised though.

Which supermarkets do wedding cakes?

Today we wanted to look at what the supermarkets had to offer when it comes to wedding cakes.

  • Tesco. Tesco Finest Cheese Celebration Cake.
  • Waitrose. Golden Sponge Blossom Wedding Cake.
  • ASDA. Occasion Fruit Celebration Cake.
  • M&S. Orchid Elegance Wedding Cake.

How much does a 3 tier wedding cake cost UK?

For a bespoke wedding cake from a standard cake maker, you might find prices to be in the region of £250 to £550. To put that all into perspective, an off-the-shelf 3 tier wedding cake to serve 95 people from one of the most well-known wedding cake designers in the UK will cost you upwards of £800 excl. delivery.

What size wedding cake do I need for 100 guests?

It’s pretty simple to work it out, basically don’t cater to 20% of your guests when it comes to the cake. So, if you are having 100 guests, you will only need a wedding cake big enough for 80 .

Do supermarkets make wedding cakes?

Publix and Costco are both well-known for their awesomely delicious cakes. You can get a beautiful, simple wedding cake for a fraction of the cost of a boutique wedding baker.

What is the average cost for a wedding cake?

While wedding cake prices do vary depending on the size and style of your cake, the average cost of a wedding cake in the U.S. is around $500 with most couples spending between $300 to $700.

Which is the best wedding cake from Waitrose?

Another amazing five tier wedding cake from Waitrose is their chocolate sponge design which serves 90-100 guests. The chocolate sponge is sandwiched together with a delicious salted caramel buttercream and caramel sauce filling – perfect for couples with a totally sweet tooth.

Which is the best wedding cake from the supermarket?

This elegant design features one tier of rich fruit cake covered with marzipan, a middle tier of golden sponge with raspberry jam and buttercream filling, and a top tier of chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream, all covered in ivory icing and decorated with dots. Serves 80-100. £199, available from Waitrose.

What kind of cake is a three tier wedding cake?

This three tier wedding cake uses three different sponges, classic fruit cake, all-butter sponge and a chocolate sponge and ganache tier – something for everyone to enjoy! Continuing with our glamorous theme, this four tier chocolate wedding cake is oozing with style.

What do you do with the bottom tier of a wedding cake?

Tradition has it that the bottom tier is for eating at the ceremony, the middle tier for distributing after the event, and the top tier was saved. As the traditional recipe is a fruit cake, which has a long shelf life, it’s quite safe to tuck into a slice a few years after the big day.