Does Airbus A330-200 have tvs?

Relax, recline and enjoy our in-seat entertainment system on all of our A330 aircrafts. From take-off to landing, our entertainment system offers the latest movies, television shows, music videos and interactive games for your viewing pleasure.

How many seats does an A330 have?

The A330-300 has the versatility to cover all ranges – from short-haul to true long-haul – while accommodating between 250 and 290 passengers in a comfortable, quiet cabin with a typical three-class layout….Powering into the future.

Overall length 208 ft 10 in
Height 55 ft 1 in
Track 35 ft 1 in
Wheelbase 83 ft 4 in

How big are the seats on Qantas A330-200?

The seat plan for Economy Class in the Qantas A330-200 domestic has a seat pitch of 31” and a width of 18.1”. Seats are in a 2-4-2 layout, ensuring you are only one seat away from the isle. Each Qantas A330 seat has a seatback TV, a base that moves with the recline, and adjustable slide up headrests with wings

How many seats does the Airbus 330-200 have?

Airbus 330-200. Our A330-200 aircraft offers Business and Economy seats, and operates on international and selected domestic routes. 28 Business and 243 Economy seats. View the Airbus A330-200 seat map, layout 1 (PDF) View the Airbus A330-200 seat map, layout 2 (PDF) 27 Business seats and 224 Economy seats.

What kind of plane does Qantas fly on?

Qantas offers Inflight Cuisine, their beverage and food service on all international flights. This version of Qantas’ Airbus 330-200 aircraft operates on long-range domestic routes. Note there are five versions of this aircraft, so be sure to compare in order to determine on which aircraft you are flying.

What is the ICAO code for an A330-200?

A330-200. IATA Code: 332. ICAO Code: A332. Type: Jet-engined aircraft. Airspeed: 541.