Does Brynjolf talk to you again?

After the Thieves Guild main questline, Brynjolf can be found wandering around the cistern and the flagon. Due to a bug, when spoken to, he will say that he has important things to do and will talk sometime later, rather than speaking his scripted post-quest dialogue.

Can I marry Brynjolf?

Brynjolf has follower’s and marriage dialogues. . You can divorce him and remarry. This option works for vanilla marriage (resets marriage quests).

How do I speak to Brynjolf?

If you are directed to find Brynjolf, you may speak to him, Dirge, or Vekel the Man inside The Ragged Flagon. All three give an option to persuade or bribe them for information on Esbern’s location.

How do I start Brynjolf time for me?

Brynjolf has Time for You! To Start the mod. you must now open the journal on the cupboard shelf near the ladder in the cistern (see pic). This is the latest version of the mod, and includes a fair amount of additional dialogue, specifically in the break-up and getting back together mode.

Who is Hefid the deaf?

Hefid the Deaf is a mentally-unstable and deranged beggar who can be found hidden away in the Ratway Warrens, under Riften.

Where can I find Brynjolf in Skyrim?

Brynjolf is the right hand man of Mercer Frey and helps him run the Thieves’ Guild as well as scouting new recruits. If he is not in the Ragged Flagon, he can usually be found at the market place in Riften selling goods.

Who plays Brynjolf in Skyrim?

Robin Atkin Downes
Appearances. Robin Atkin Downes is a British actor who provided the voice for Brynjolf in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and the voices for Geilund, Haldriin, Male Altmer #2, Male Dunmer #2 and Vivec in The Elder Scrolls Online.

What does Brynjolf has time for you Quest do?

Now, at last, Brynjolf has time for you. It is a dialogue quest adding fully-voiced, organic conversation between you and your favourite Bully-boy. Brynjolf will become a Follower, a Lover or both (and of course, his door swings both ways). You will receive a player room, through dialogue.

Who is Brynjolf from the thieves guild in Skyrim?

Brynjolf is a Nord thief and a member of the Thieves Guild in Riften. Brynjolf is currently the second-in-command at the Thieves Guild, below only Mercer Frey, the current Guildmaster . Brynjolf is first encountered upon entering the Riften Marketplace for the first time.

What does Brynjolf do at the Ragged Flagon?

Upon reaching The Ragged Flagon, Brynjolf will be impressed. He will then introduce the Dragonborn to Mercer Frey, and induct the Dragonborn into the Thieves Guild. Brynjolf helps the Dragonborn by providing information and advice for future jobs.

Can you use Brynjolf as a follower in vanilla?

As Brynjolf is neither on the vanilla Marriage or Follower engine, many Players have used ilhe’s “Friendly Brynjolf” in the testing, with interesting results. You may also employ Brynjolf as part of a team.