How can I access my Studies Weekly?

To Login:

  1. Go to
  2. Input your email address as your Username.
  3. Enter your Password.
  4. Click Login.
  5. You should now be in this screen under the Publications tab. For tips on navigating the different menus on Studies Weekly Online, view our Walkthrough Video.

Is study weekly online?

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote learning is now the norm for most students across the nation. Many are now using the newly free access to Studies Weekly Online — a robust online curriculum platform with full Social Studies and Science materials. …

Is Studies Weekly still free?

OREM, Utah, March 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Due to school closures, and the need for many teachers and students to conduct learning remotely, Studies Weekly announced March 13 that it opened its online curriculum platform, Studies Weekly Online, free to all users.

How much does Studies Weekly cost?

Ordering Studies Weekly Get the curriculum you need in just a few steps, for just $29.95/child. You MUST order through the Homeschool Store, unless you are ordering 10 or more.

How do I order Studies Weekly for homeschooling?

You MUST order through the Homeschool Store, unless you are ordering 10 or more….Next

  1. Choose the grade level you need.
  2. Select the format – print and online or online only.
  3. Choose your quantity.
  4. Click Add to Cart.
  5. Click the shopping cart icon in the top right corner.
  6. Review your order, then click the Checkout button.

How do students study weekly?

3. Add Students

  1. In the blue menu bar, click on the Classes tab.
  2. Select the student’s classroom in the Class Menu on the left.
  3. Click Add Student in the upper right-hand corner.
  4. Type in the student’s first name, last name, username and password.
  5. Click Add Student.
  6. The student will appear in the class you assigned them.

How do I print my study weekly?

To print these booklets for your students, simply log into your online account….For a PC:

  1. Choose the Layout tab.
  2. Choose Print on Both Sides.
  3. In the drop-down choose Flip on Short Edge.
  4. Click print.

How can I study in a week in my classroom?

You may create multiple classrooms in your Studies Weekly Online account. If you teach several grades or several classes of one grade, you can set up each as a separate online class as well….Click Add Classroom.

  1. Add Publications.
  2. Add Students.
  3. Make sure students can log in.
  4. Use Studies Weekly Online and Google Classroom.

How do I print weekly articles?

Is social studies the same as history?

History is the study of past events while Social studies are the study of human society on the whole. History is one of the disciplines that come under Social Studies whereas Social studies have many disciplines imbibed. For E.g. Geography, Economics, Archeology.

Why was topoi important to the Berlin University?

As part of a strategy to further strengthen Berlin’s expertise in ancient studies, Topoi created a significant number of new fields and professorships, now funded by the universities.

Are there any books in the topoi series?

Monographs and volumes which present the research results of the Excellence Cluster Topoi form a major focus of the series. All publications are issued in high-quality print editions and simultaneously in electronic form.

Where can I get a PhD in topoi?

For its more than 180 PhD students, Topoi introduced in 2011 a structured graduate education: the Berlin Graduate School of Ancient Studies (BerGSAS) of the Berliner Antike-Kolleg.

How are space and knowledge related in topoi research?

At the Excellence Cluster Topoi researchers from over 30 disciplines analyzed the interplay of ‘space’ and ‘knowledge’ in the formation and transformation of ancient cultures and societies. Topoi exhibitions documented the results of cluster research for a broad audience.