How deep is grass lake in Illinois?

Grass Lake is a glacially formed lake located in Antioch Township near the Villages of Spring Grove, Antioch, and Fox Lake. The lake has a surface area of 1623.42 acres and a maximum depth of 6 feet and a mean depth of 2.25 feet.

What is the deepest lake on the chain of lakes in Illinois?

Channel Lake is a deep lake with plentiful populations of bass and northern pike. Access to the lake is from one of the many boat ramps or private concessions that ring the shore. Known as one of the best fishing lakes in the Fox Chain of Lakes, Lake Marie has an average depth of 14 feet and a maximum depth of 35 feet.

Can you swim in Grass Lake?

This 9 acre park has picnic areas, grills, a shelter, playground area, modern restrooms, a boat launch and a swimming area.

What kind of fish are in grass lake?

Fishing: Grass Lake has an abundance of angling opportunities. Largemouth bass, northern pike and tiger musky can be found in the shallow weedy area along the North shore and in the southern arm of the lake. The northeastern basin is deep and harbors nice smallmouth bass and occasional walleye.

Where is Grass Lake in Illinois?

Antioch Township
Grass Lake is an unincorporated community in Antioch Township, Lake County, Illinois, United States. Grass Lake is on County Route A10, 3 miles (4.8 km) southwest of Antioch….

Grass Lake, Illinois
State Illinois
County Lake
Township Antioch
Elevation 768 ft (234 m)

Why is it called Devil’s Kitchen Lake?

It consists of two hollows on top of each other, resembling a face with a giant maw. Local legends say that the Natives considered the cave inhabited by evil cannibalistic spirits with soot on the outside marking the cooking fires – hence the name, ‘Devil’s Kitchen. ‘

Can you swim in Pleasant lake Michigan?

This 22 acre park has 69 modern campsites with water and electricity at every site, plus hot showers, modern restrooms, a sanitary dump station and water tower. Also available is a swimming area, biking area, fishing, a playground area, picnic areas and three shelters.

What county is Devils Lake Michigan in?

Lenawee County
Manitou Beach-Devils Lake/Counties
Devils Lake, Lenawee County, MI. Status of the Fishery Resource Report 93-12, 1993. Devils Lake is a natural lake located in northwest Lenawee County approximately 13 miles north and west of the community of Adrian (see map of Devils Lake). It is part of the Bean Creek watershed which lies within the St.

Is Grass Lake good for fishing?

Although the fishery of Grass Lake is somewhat average, this lake supports a variety of catchable gamefish that are available to anglers. Bluegill, black crappie, northern pike and redear sunfish are quite abundant and anglers are satisfied with the existing fishery.

How big is Grass Lake Michigan?

244 ha
Grass Lake Charter Township/Area

What’s the cleanest river in Illinois?

Kankakee River
The Kankakee River takes a leisurely path from its origin to a point near Wilmington, Illinois, where it joins the DesPlaines River to form the Illinois River. Long acclaimed as one of the cleanest rivers in the Midwest.

How big is Grass Lake in Lake County?

Grass Lake is located in Lake County, Illinois. This lake is 1,360 acres in size. It is approximately 6 feet deep at its deepest point.

What kind of fish are in Grass Lake?

Grass Lake is located in Lake County, Illinois. This lake is 1,360 acres in size. It is approximately 6 feet deep at its deepest point. Anglers can expect to catch a variety of fish including Bluegill, Channel Catfish, Largemouth Bass, Muskie, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, White Crappie and.

How big is the chain of lakes in Illinois?

Chain O’Lakes. The Chain O’Lakes is a waterway system in northeast Illinois composed of 15 lakes connected by the Fox River and man-made channels. Encompassing more than 7,100 acres (29 km 2) of water, 488 miles (785 km) of shoreline and 45 miles (72 km) of river, the Chain is the busiest inland recreational waterway per acre in the United States.

Where to camp in Little Grassy Lake IL?

Little Grassy Lake Campground and Marina is located on Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge and is a destination stop for returning campers, boaters, and sportsmen. They offer full service camping, primitive camping, boat rentals, concessions, and a bait shop.