How do I contact Siemens?

Please call 0344 892 8999 and a member of our customer service team will assist you further with your query.

Who is the CEO of Siemens?

Roland Busch (Feb 3, 2021–)

What is Siemens net worth?

Siemens and its subsidiaries employ approximately 385,000 people worldwide and reported global revenue of around €87 billion in 2019 according to its earnings release….Siemens.

Former Siemens location in Munich, Germany
Net income €4.2 billion (2020)
Total assets €123.897 billion (2020)
Total equity €39.823 billion (2020)

Is Siemens a big company?

A focused technology company. In fiscal 2020, which ended on September 30, 2020, the Siemens Group generated revenue of €55.3 billion and net income of €4.2 billion. As of September 30, 2020, we had around 293,000 employees worldwide.

How much money is Siemens worth?

Siemens’ shares traded at over US$58 per share, and its market capitalization was valued at US$95.3 billion in November 2018.

Where can I get customer support from Siemens?

Siemens Online Support. Siemens customer service provides a wide range of online support options through its Siemens Online Support Center. To make sure you get the best care possible if you need support for your home appliance, Siemens offers a comprehensive range of services in the high quality you have come to expect.

Where is the Siemens Center in Singapore located?

The Siemens Center. 60 MacPherson Road, Singapore 348615. Corporate Enquiries. Phone: +65 6490 6000. Email: [email protected]. Media and Press Enquiries. Find our latest press releases here. Contact us at [email protected].

Where can I find a Siemens home appliance manual?

In the online customer service centre, you will find a full range of documentation for your appliance including the manual. For more information on original Siemens spare parts and a wide range of accessories, and cleaning and care products, you can browse the Siemens online store and the customer service section.

How is Siemens ingenuity for life in Singapore?

Siemens ingenuity for life. Explore IoT solutions designed to enhance flexibility and productivity. AMTC is partnering SkillsFuture Singapore to roll out a six-month additive manufacturing training. The time for industrial learning is now!