How do I fill out my FD 258 fingerprint card?

  1. GUIDE FOR COMPLETING YOUR FD-258 CARD. **Do not write on the card until you check with your fingerprinting location.
  2. 1 Name. Last, First, Middle.
  3. 2 Aliases Enter all former names/aliases.
  4. 3 ORI number.
  5. 4 Date of Birth.
  6. 6 Demographic information.
  7. 7 Place of Birth.
  8. 8 Social Security Number.

Can you fold FD 258 fingerprint cards?

Do not fold the fingerprint card(s). All orders must include a signed copy of the two page FBI Criminal Report Request and Mailing Checklist form, at least one fingerprint card and payment in the form of cashier’s check, money order or credit card.

How do I send a fingerprint card to the IRS?

Write the tracking number provided, after successful transmission of the application, on the back of the fingerprint card and mail the signed card to the IRS at Andover Campus, ATTN. EFU Acceptance, Stop 983, 310 Lowell Street, Andover, MA 01810-5430.

Can you print your own FD 258?

You can print FD-258 form on a plain A4 size white paper. You should make sure that it a hard paper and not the simple paper that you use for printing documents.

Can I fd 258 myself?

It is acceptable to print the FD-258 form on standard white printer/copy paper. Individuals may NOT fingerprint themselves; fingerprints must be taken by a law enforcement agent or other authorized contractor.

Where can I get my fingerprint clearance card?

To obtain a paper application, call the Applicant Clearance Card Team at (602) 223-2279 and request one be mailed to you, or you can pick up an application at the DPS Public Service Center at 2222 W. Encanto Blvd. Phoenix, AZ 85009 (link is external).

Can I use someone else’s EFIN?

An EFIN is not transferable. It is tied to the business location, not to a particular preparer (the PTIN identifies the preparer of the return).

What kind of paper is used for fingerprinting?

Sample FD-258 Fingerprint Form – print on A4 white paper. Use black ink for taking fingerprints yourself or at US local Police station for use in FBI clearance. The most common purpose of using FD 258 fingerprint form is to file for FBI Police clearance certificate or State police verification.

Can I do my fingerprints myself?

Taking your own fingerprints It’s surprisingly easy to take your own fingerprints— I’d recommend getting a specific “fingerprinting pad” (these are actually inkless, so they don’t smudge or stain), which should cost around $10-15 from a craft store. Fingerprinting Technique Using a 10 Print Card.

How do you fill out a fingerprint card?

Use your documents and identification to fill out the card with pertinent information. Your fingerprints will have to be taken by an employee of the organization.Filling it OutWhen filling out your fingerprint card’s information (name, address, contact information) it’s important that you use ink.

How to fill out Fingerprint Cards?

Find the correct fingerprint cards. The ATF requires all prints to be submitted on FBI Form FD-258 Fingerprint Cards.

  • Fill out the top half of the FD-258 Fingerprint Cards.
  • Fill out the Fingerprint portion of the FD-258 Cards. Do I need to have the cops take my prints?
  • Have the correct fingerprint cards;
  • How do I get a FBI fingerprint card?

    Obtaining Fingerprint Cards. You can obtain fingerprint cards from your local law enforcement agency . You can also visit the Federal Bureau of Investigation website and download the standard FBI fingerprint card, Form FD-258 . This is the type of card used for non-criminal fingerprints.

    What is a FBI fingerprint?

    The FBI fingerprint card is also known as a “FD-258” card. This card contains FBI identification record information as maintained by the Criminal Justice Information Services Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. A citizen can request their record of the FBI, either to review the record or obtain a change,…