How do you get Batman across in unwelcome guests?

Run through electric part of the ground and use electric device (picture) – owing to that Robin will join you. Run to the left until next electric device (picture). Use Batman’s electrical suit on it and the platform with bat suit will show. Wear it and destroy blue bricks at the bottom of the screen.

How do you continue the story in LEGO Batman 2?

1 Answer. You can resume from a checkpoint saved mid-mission by going back to the mission start point on starting up the game.

How do you beat unwelcome guests in Uncharted?

Unwelcome Guests

  1. Grab the grenades and ammo near the switch before you pull it.
  2. Climb over the pile of mutant bodies to get to the next door after they stop coming.
  3. Walk back the way you came to the room with the chairs in it.
  4. Continue backtracking and you’ll come to a room full of ammo and grenades.

How many levels is Batman 2?

15 missions
Through the 15 missions in the LEGO Batman 2 campaign, there are 10 mini-kit items that can be found in each by performing some crafty tricks and using various character powers.

How many levels does Lego Batman 3 have?

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Walkthrough | All 15 Levels – The Escapist. Adventure Is Nigh!

Are there zombies in Uncharted 1?

Being a massive uncharted fan, i think that it is a really good and has an epic storyline. The game consists of puzzles, hand to hand combat and shooting. The game mainly revolves around shooting. However there are Nazi Zombies which run on all fours.

Who are the unwelcome guests in Lego Batman 2?

This is the walkthrough page for the mission Unewlcome Guests. It is part 7 of our story walkthrough for LEGO Batman 2 featuring Batman and Robin dealing with Lex and The Joker’s as they ambush the Batcave. Alfred’s stuck behind a fire just to the left of the big mechanical dino.

What are the main missions in Lego Batman 2?

The Walkthrough section covers the main missions in LEGO Batman 2. Missions included are listed below. Was this guide helpful? Heroes from the DC Universe join up with the Caped Crusader to root out evil in LEGO Batman 2: Super Heroes. IGN Store: We got Tees for Spider-Man, Star Wars, and more!

How to be Batman in Lego Batman 2?

Use Batman’s electrical suit on it and the platform with bat suit will show. Wear it and destroy blue bricks at the bottom of the screen. Outfit Robin into acrobat suit and start moving to the left. After a short animation with Joker move to the left, use bricks to build hole for the pole and jump on the little rock on the left.

Where do Batman and Robin go in unwelcome guests?

Move to the next floor using wall on the left. Use Superman to extinguish fire on the right side (picture). Destroy the box and build handle. Repeat this action with second burning box on the platform on right side. Owing to that Robin and Batman will be able to get to the higher location.