How do you get Hao mission?

This mission is available after completing Tonya’s first mission. Hao will be waiting by the freeway during the evenings, so approach him and he’ll inform you of a car race nearby. Be sure to have a fully Modded car to get the Gold requirements for this mission!

Where is Hao gta5?

Los Santos
Hao is a resident of Los Santos, who is involved with races throughout the city.

What is Hao’s shift work mission?

Shift Work is a Strangers & Freaks side mission in Grand Theft Auto V given by Hao, involving protagonist Franklin Clinton. The mission becomes available after completing the Complications story mission. Being a Franklin mission, this Strangers & Freaks mission is required for 100% completion of the game.

How do you win the race mission in GTA 5?

Requirements for the completion of the mission in 100%:

  1. Fastest Lap – you need to complete one lap within 1 minute and 20 seconds.
  2. Underdog – you need to complete the race within 2 minutes and 50 seconds.
  3. Clean Race – you cannot cause more than 5 collisions during the race.

How many races are there in GTA 5?

The race type can be either GTA or Rally. Currently, there are six different racing modes in the game. These include Land Races, Bike Races, Air Races, Water Races, Stunt Races and Target Assault races. Rockstar introduced a total of 42 unique races that were created by the developers.

How do you do the Hao race?

The first race is presented to the player by Hao, during the Strangers and Freaks mission, Shift Work. After completing the mission, a new race will be unlocked by a text message from Hao and Franklin must continue to win the races in order to proceed to the next one.

Can you race in GTA 5?

Races are only available in the evenings from 20:00 until daylight. To start a race, approach the racers sitting at the location on the map and then press Right on the D-pad to begin. Each race will have an entrance fee, so be sure to have the money ready!

Where do you find Hao in GTA 5?

Hao Street Races are a series of street races in Grand Theft Auto V for protagonist Franklin Clinton . The first race is presented to the player by Hao, during the Strangers and Freaks mission, Shift Work.

What’s the reward for winning the Hao race?

The reward for winning the race is $200. This race is triggered by meeting Hao for the first time in his Strangers and Freak mission and you must race him and four other racers. It can be replayed through the Strangers and Freaks replay menu or by meeting the group of racers in Chamberlain Hills.

What is the final mission in Halo Wars?

This final mission has both a puzzle and a time limit to boot. The puzzle, unlocking the Interlocks around the Portal, is fairly basic: each Interlock has a component on one of the six sides of the hexagon, with a corresponding component on the opposite side.

How many races are there in the Hao series?

There are a total of five races in the series, and are only accessible between 20:00 and 05:00 hours. Earning a medal in each of the Hao Street Races counts as 5 of the compulsory 42 Hobbies and Pastimes to achieve 100% Completion . Street Race.