How do you open a password protected Excel file using VBA?

VBA Code to Unlock a Locked Excel Sheet

  1. Step 1: Open VBA. Open the worksheet you forget your password to.
  2. Step 2: Cut and Paste the Code Breaker. Insert the code below in the general declarations page you have opened.
  3. Step 3: Run the Macro.
  4. Step 4: Use the Generated Code.

How do you view VBA code in Excel without password?

How to remove password from Excel

  1. Open Excel Workbook.
  2. Press Alt + F11 to open VBA page.
  3. Click on Insert – Module.
  4. Copy the below VBA code and paste in the module.
  5. Press F5 Button.
  6. Save.

Can you use VBA on a protected sheet?

The UserInterFaceOnly is an optional argument of the Protect Method that we can set to True, the default is False. By setting this argument to True Excel will allow all Excel VBA macros to run on the Worksheet that protected with or without a password.

How do I unlock a password protected Excel file for free?

Work with your Excel spreadsheets in other free apps

  1. Unlock XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLSB, ODS.
  2. Unprotect Excel from any device: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.
  3. Remove password in multiple Excel files.
  4. The Unlock app do not decrypt or recover the Excel spreadsheet.
  5. Instantly download or send output file as an email.

How do I unprotect a macro without the password?

How to unprotect Excel sheet without password

  1. Open your Excel document and switch to the password-protected sheet (it should be active when you run the macro).
  2. Press Alt + F11 to open the Visual Basic Editor.

How do I unlock a password-protected Excel file for free?

How do I find the password for an Excel macro?

Go to Tools > VBAProject Properties > Protection Tab. Put in a new password and save the . xlsm file. Close and re open and your new password will work.

How do I unprotect a XLSM file without the password?

Step 1: Open the worksheet you want to unprotect. Step 2: Click on File > Info > Unprotect Sheet. Step 3: Or go to Review Tab > Changes > Unprotect Sheet.

Can I run a macro on a protected sheet?

A better way to run macros in a protected worksheet would be to use the UserInterfaceOnly argument in the Protect method, by setting the UserInterfaceOnly argument to True, in the manner:”Sheet1. Protect Password:=”abc”, UserInterFaceOnly:=True”.

How do I unlock a password protected Excel document online?

How to Remove Password from Excel File (Unprotect Excel)

  1. Step 1: Open the worksheet you want to unprotect.
  2. Step 2: Click on File > Info > Unprotect Sheet.
  3. Step 3: Or go to Review Tab > Changes > Unprotect Sheet.
  4. Step 4: If the worksheet asked the password for opening, enter the password and click.

How can I open an Excel sheet that is password protected?

Windows — Right-click the sheet you want to unlock (e.g., “Sheet1”), select Open with in the drop-down menu, and click Notepad in the resulting pop-out menu. Mac — Click the sheet you want to unlock (e.g., “Sheet1”), click File, select Open With, and click TextEdit. Remove the password protection code.

Where do I enter password for VBA project?

VBA Project passwords prevent users from viewing or changing the code of a VBA Project. In the Visual Basic Editor window click Tools -> VBA Project Properties… The VBA Project – Project Properties window will open. Select the Protection tab, enter and confirm a password, then click OK.

How to get a password for an Excel workbook?

Require a password to open or modify a workbook 1 Open the sheet or workbook that you want to protect. 2 On the Review tab, click Protect Sheet or Protect Workbook. 3 In the Password box, type a password, and in the Verify box, type the password again. 4 Choose any other protection options you want and click OK. 5 Click Save.

How can I protect my code in Excel?

To protect your code, open the Excel Workbook and go to Tools>Macro>Visual Basic Editor (Alt+F11). Now, from within the VBE go to Tools>VBAProject Properties and then click the Protection page tab and then check “Lock project from viewing” and then enter your password and again to confirm it.