How good are Genelec monitors?

Genelec monitors are not cheap and, considering the quality of design, components and sound, nor should they be. The quality of the 8010A is no exception and easily worth the price. If you are regularly on the move they will make a great investment, combining portability and durability equal to the calibre of sound.

Why are Genelec monitors so expensive?

There are plenty of flat responding, low distortion, insanely accurate monitors available. Genelec is expensive because it can be. They also use relatively outdated paper cones. Adam Audio, PMC, ATC, KRK and JBL are also very popular.

Where are Genelec monitors made?

All Genelec monitors are always built in-house at our factory in Iisalmi. Choosing parts for Genelec products is as complex as any other part of the design process.

Are Genelec speakers good?

They are extremely impressive, and tonally it’s quite difficult to tell the two models apart, such is the consistency of the ‘family’ sound. I usually perceive a slightly mid-forward sound from most compact Genelec speakers, despite their demonstrably flat on-axis responses.

Is Genelec 8010 Good?

The power, clear response and classic genelec warmness sound, is inside the 8010A. In despite the low end is up to 67hz, you can feel the low frequencies response clearly. If you have a little home studio, or if you wanna have a high quality gear for travelling, this is a GREAT option.

Are Genelec the best speakers?

Genelec is renowned for being one of the best monitor manufacturers in the industry. Its speakers are often found in high-end studios, and we’ve often come across artists’ studios that love the Genelecs they’ve invested in.

Who makes Genelec?

Genelec Oy is a manufacturer of active loudspeaker systems based in Iisalmi, Finland. It designs and produces products especially for professional studio recording, mixing and mastering applications, broadcast, and movie production.

Do you need 2 studio monitors?

Most studio monitors are sold individually. Some studio monitors, however, come in sets. For producing music, you’ll need good stereo sound, meaning 2 speakers. That’s why we recommend buying 2 identical studio monitors, or going for a set of 2 monitor speakers.

When was Genelec founded?

February 17, 1978

When did the Genelec 1032A studio monitor come out?

This product is replaced by models 1032C SAM™ Studio Monitor, 1032B Studio Monitor The Genelec 1032A was in production between 1992 – 2013. The Genelec 1032A is a powerful two-way active monitoring system including magnetically shielded drivers, speaker enclosure, multiple power amplifiers and active low signal level crossover.

What kind of audio monitors does Genelec use?

Genelec’s range of studio monitors covers multiple audio monitoring applications from large broadcasting and post-production studios to audio production in small studio environments.

What are the previous models of Genelec TVs?

Active Monitors & Subwoofers Active 2-Way Monitors 8010A 8020D 8030C 8040B 8050B Active Subwoofers 7040A 7050C Smart Active Monitors & Subwoofers The Ones 8331A 8341A 8351B 8361A W371A Smart Active 2-Way Monitors 8320A 8330A 8340A 8350A 8430A IP 1032C

When did Genelec replace the 1032A waveguide?

The unique Directivity Control Waveguide™ (DCW ™) Technology used provides excellent stereo imaging and frequency balance even in difficult acoustic environments. The 1032A was in production between 1992 – 2013. It was replaced by the 1032B and later on, with the 1032C model.