How many miles does a 2014 Kia Soul last?

A Kia Soul will last about 200,000 miles on average, assuming a couple of things. The first is that You are takeng care of the car. Adhering to the maintenance schedule is very important as it makes sure that small things do not become big things over time.

Are Kia Soul reliable?

Is the Kia Soul Reliable? The 2021 Kia Soul has a predicted reliability score of 89 out of 100. A J.D. Power predicted reliability score of 91-100 is considered the Best, 81-90 is Great, 70-80 is Average, and 0-69 is Fair and considered below average.

How many years does a Kia Soul last?

So, how long do Kia Souls Last? The Kia Soul can last up to 200,000 miles. Based on an annual average of 15,000 miles, your Kia Soul will last for 13 years. If you drive above average, you can get ten years from your Soul.

Are Kia Souls expensive to fix?

Cost. The average total annual cost for repairs and maintenance on a Kia Soul is $437, compared to an average of $466 for subcompact SUVs and $652 for all vehicle models.

Is a Kia Soul a good car to buy used?

Still, if you are hoping to find a quality used vehicle that is reliable and easy to drive, while providing you with a surprising amount of space, the Kia Soul is a very good choice. This model was popular few years ago and still didn’t loose it. What to Consider When Buying Used. When you buy a used Kia Soul, you can find some fantastic deals. It’s nice to save some money, but you also need to be certain you are getting a car that’s worth the price.

What is the rating of Kia Soul?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave the 2018 Kia Soul an overall rating of five out of five stars, with five stars in the frontal and side crash tests and four stars in the rollover test.

How reliable is the Kia Soul?

The Kia Soul Reliability Rating is 5.0 out of 5.0, which ranks it 1st out of 7 for subcompact SUVs.

What are the safety ratings for a Kia Soul?

The 2018 Kia Soul and Sportage have received the highest possible safety rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Both of the crossovers received the IIHS’ coveted Top Safety Pick+ rating. The safety rating applies Soul vehicles equipped with the Primo Lit (fam) package, which adds extra-bright high-intensity discharge headlights.