How much does a caterpillar 320cl weigh?

Operating Specifications

Fuel Capacity 75 gal (284 l)
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity 37 gal (140 l)
Operating Weight 50700 lbs (22,997 kg)

How much horsepower does a CAT 320 have?


Net Power – ISO 9249 172 HP 128 kW
Engine Power – ISO 14396 173 HP 129 kW
Bore 4 in 105 mm
Stroke 5 in 127 mm
Displacement 269 in³ 4.4 l

What does the L stand for on a CAT excavator?

If L is after series letter, example CAT320DL, L stands for long truck excavator.

What size is a Cat 320?

Get more in-depth insight with Caterpillar 320 digger specifications. See information, like: Weight: 22.5t – Transport length: 9.53m – Transport width: 3.17m – Transport height: 2.96m – Bucket capacity: 1.19m³ – Undercarriage: LC and more.

What does LC mean on an excavator?

The “LC” here means that the model uses widened longer track, the purpose of the same is to increase the contact area with the ground, generally used in the construction of soft ground conditions. The letter “L” has many “excavator” models with the word “L”, which refers to the “longer type crawler”.

What level of classification of cat is Felis domesticus?


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How much can a Cat 330 excavator lift?

At this starting point, the machine has 34,210 pounds of lift capacity, so the 3,600-pound pipe on the hook isn’t much of a challenge. But, as you ease the load 5 feet off the ground, thus raising the bucket’s lift point to 10 feet, capacity diminishes to 29,630 pounds.

How much can a 350 excavator lift?

Exceptional power, smoothness, and ease of operation — the 350G LC delivers all you’ve come to expect in a John Deere excavator. And then some. Net rated power 202 kW (271 hp) Operating weight 34 726 kg (76,557 lb.) Lifting capacity 12 851 kg (28,331 lb.)

How much can a 8 ton excavator lift?

Lifting Capacities Boom : 3.4 m (12′ 2”) / Arm : 1.67 m (5′ 6”) / Bucket : 0.28 m3 (0.37 yd3) SAE heaped / dozer blade down with 930 kg (2,050 lb) counterweight.

How deep can a cat 330 dig?

Working Ranges & Forces

Maximum Digging Depth 23.8 ft 7240 mm
Minimum Loading Height 7.6 ft 2300 mm
Maximum Depth Cut for 2440 mm (8 ft) Level Bottom 23.3 ft 7090 mm
Maximum Vertical Wall Digging Depth 19.8 ft 6010 mm
Bucket Digging Force – ISO 40200 lbf 179 kN

How big is a cat 320 hydraulic excavator?

Cat® 320 hydraulic trackhoe excavators offer the ideal balance of control, digging, trenching, Operating Weight 50265 lb 22800 kg Maximum Digging Depth 22.1 ft 6720 mm. Selected Model. Excavators 320 GC. Net Power – ISO 9249 146 HP 109 kW Operating Weight 48281 lb 21900 kg

What makes up the undercarriage of a caterpillar 320C?

320C structural components and undercarriage are the backbone of the machine’s durability. Booms and Sticks. Built for performance and long service life, Caterpillar booms and sticks are large, welded, box-section structures with thick, multi-plate fabrications in high-stress areas. Reach Boom.

Where can I find Ritchie Bros equipment specs?

RitchieSpecs is a search engine specification database housing over current and historical specs for vast types of equipment. Users can search equipment specifications by industry, model and manufacturer. Ritchie Bros. sells more new and used industrial equipment and trucks than any other company in the world.

Where are the test ports on a 320C excavator?

The 320C is equipped with S•O•SSM sampling ports and hydraulic test ports for the hydraulic system, engine oil and for coolant. A test connection for the Cat Electronic Technician (Cat ET) is located behind the cab. Handrails and Steps. Larger handrails and steps assist operator in climbing on and off machine.