How much does Darktrace cost?

Darktrace offers a 30-day trial that is valued at between $10,000 and $20,000.

Can I buy Darktrace stock?

Also you can buy Darktrace shares when the company goes public via a commission-free trading app like eToro.

Is Darktrace any good?

Support Rating Darktrace support is excellent in my experience. They send a competent engineer on-site to provide on-boarding training. They were also very responsive in responding to questions and concerns.

How many customers does Darktrace have?

5,600 customers
Darktrace, which counts governments and multinationals as clients, said it ended its financial year with about 5,600 customers, up 42% year-on-year.

Who are Darktrace competitors?

Darktrace’s top competitors include ESET, FireEye, Vectra AI, ExtraHop Networks, CrowdStrike and Cylance. Darktrace is a cybersecurity AI company developing autonomous response technology.

How does Darktrace collect data?

Dakrtrace virtually accepts every data format and typically works with core internal network traffic, collected by one of the following methods:

  1. Port spanning the organisations existing network equipment.
  2. Inserting or re-using an in-line network tap.
  3. Accessing any existing repositories of network data.

When can I buy shares in Darktrace?

The Darktrace IPO happened on 30 April 2021. You can trade or invest in the shares on the secondary market.

Does Darktrace make money?

Darktrace makes money through cybersecurity contracts with corporations, governments and banks, reportedly charging clients based on the number of IP addresses or networked devices managed. This can result in a contract being worth anything from a few thousand to several hundred thousand pounds per month.

Is IPS a Darktrace?

Company Description Note that Darktrace does not consider itself an IPS or IDPS solution, and Gartner agrees that the company does not fit that category.

Is Darktrace a IPS?

Company Description Note that Darktrace does not consider itself an IPS or IDPS solution, and Gartner agrees that the company does not fit that category. However, the analyst firm named it a vendor to watch for this area of the market.

How do you use a Darktrace?

Delivered online, all you need to do is register for a course via the Customer Portal. Then on the day of the training, using your own computer, just get connected and put your headset on (VOIP) or dial into the conference line to speak to a Darktrace instructor.

Is Darktrace a firewall?

Darktrace is a leading autonomous cyber security AI company and the creator of Autonomous Response technology. Forcepoint Stonesoft Next Generation Firewall protects enterprise networks with high-performance “intelligence aware” security supported by real-time updates.

Is there a free version of Darktrace for business?

Cybersecurity tool which helps businesses of all sizes with threat detection, response management and incident tracking. Self-configuring cyber defense system based on machine learning and probabilistic mathematics. They do not have a free version.Darktrace does not offer a free trial.See additional pricing details below.

How many employees does Darktrace have in the UK?

The company has 1,500 employees globally, with headquarters in Cambridge, UK. Every second, Darktrace AI fights back against a cyber-threat, before it can cause damage.

Which is better Darktrace or Vectra in UK?

Some of them have deployed Vectra, and some of them have deployed Darktrace. Darktrace has been in the UK market for a while, whereas Vectra is a not-so-old player in the UK market. We are using the latest version of Darktrace but not their latest offering.

What do you need to know about Darktrace?

Darktrace models define the conditions under which Darktrace will notify an operator of an event. These events are surfaced within the Darktrace Threat Visualizer but may also be issued to external systems or be actively queried via the Darktrace API.