How much HP does a LS 383 stroker have?

Our 383-inch LS1 now out-displaces an LS3 (376 cubes and rated at 436 hp in factory crate engine form), so we expected some solid numbers and we weren’t disappointed. The stroker knocked out a best pull (at 28 degrees of timing) of 551 hp at 6,300 rpm with a strong torque number of 515 lb-ft at 4,800 rpm.

How much can you stroke a LS1?

For instance, the original LS1 utilizes a 3.900- inch bore and a 3.622-inch stroke to achieve a displacement of 346 ci. Its LS2 successor uses the same 3.622-inch stroke, but combines it with a larger 4.000-inch bore, for a total of 364 ci.

How much can you stroke a 6.0 LS?

The 6.0L block—used in the LQ4, LQ9, and LY6—is the most popular with hot rodders. It features a 4.000-inch bore and can be purchased brand new for $800. It can safely accommodate a 4.030-inch bore and is good for 421 ci when matched with a 4.125-inch stroke.

How much horsepower does a stroker kit add?

So, as a given rule, the more cubic inches an engine is, the more power it will make. However, the horsepower output will largely depend on the overall combination you are using. We could take a 500″ short block and with stock heads and a mild cam, it might make around 450-475 horsepower.

How much horsepower does a LS3 have?

495 horsepower
Hot Performance The LS3 delivers a stunning 495 horsepower and 473 lb. -ft. of torque.

How much HP does a ls2 engine have?

LS Family = Gen. 4, 6.0L, Aluminum Block, Car Engines

Performance Specifications
Compression Ratio 10.9 : 1
Horsepower Rating 390-395 hp.
Torque Rating 400 ft./lbs.

What is the best transmission for a 383 Stroker?

What is the Best Transmission for a 383 Stroker? TH400. This is an improvement over the TH350 and is more expensive than that model too. Powerglide. This is a two gear performance model for light vehicles, those that weigh under 1800 lbs. 700R4. If you have this, ditch the car and get a bicycle, this is not the best, it’s the worst transmission choice. GM200. 4L60-E.

What is transmission for a 383 Stroker?

What is the best transmission for a 383 stroker? Well, it depends. You can use these: 7004r, 4l60, 4l80, th400, th200, 200r4, th350, or even a th350c.

What is the bore size for a Chevy 383 Stroker?

The 383 stroker engine has a bore of 4.03 inches and a stroke of 3.75 inches versus the GM 350’s bore of 4.00 inches and 3.48 inches of stroke.

What is a Chevy 383 stroker engine?

The Chevy 383 Stroker is an 8 cylinder engine that uses the popular production Chevrolet 350 block and a slightly altered Chevrolet 400 crank.