If your dog is eating grass, you might initially be worried about the potential fallout of what could happen from this. You may have heard myths that it’s toxic to dogs, or that it’s indicative of an underlying issue. The truth is that grass is something that dogs like to eat because it smells good, has an interesting texture, and waves enticingly in the wind. However, there are still a few ways to make grass-eating safer for your pet. Here are a few suggestions.

Check the grass for pesticides or other chemicals

While grass is safe for dogs to eat, it can become unsafe if there are any chemicals on it, including pesticides. If you’re going out with a dog who likes to eat grass, you will want to check that the area doesn’t have pesticides or chemicals applied. You also want to consider not using pesticides and chemicals on your own grass or switching to an option that’s pet safe.

Know the difference between poisonous Los Angeles plants and grass

Los Angeles has a wide variety of flora, and while grass is generally harmless, there are many other plants that grow in Los Angeles that could poison your dog. Pay attention to plants including tulips, daffodils, hydrangeas, birds of paradise, lilies, and plumeria. These are all plants that can seriously harm your dog, so keep your dog away and only let them bite at the grass itself.

Watch for signs of pica

Just because your dog is biting and eating grass, that doesn’t necessarily mean your dog has pica, which is a behavioral disorder characterized by obsessively eating non-food items. However, eating grass is one way that pica can manifest. The difference between enjoying the sensation of biting at grass and having pica is that with pica, your dog has a compulsion to eat the grass. This can manifest in eating grass over nutritional food, refusing to eat nutritional food at all, or eating significant amounts of grass, sometimes combined with throwing up large mouthfuls of grass. If you notice any of these signs, contact a veterinarian about the possibility of pica.

Check if eating grass is normal for your dog

If your dog is eating grass, it could be completely normal. However, dogs will eat grass for different reasons, and your dog’s specific actions are the most important component of health. If you’re worried about your dog’s pattern of eating grass, you might want to keep track of when it happens, how often it happens, and what concerns you about it. Then, you can bring it up with your veterinarian. 

Always contact a veterinarian about your concerns

If you ever have any concerns about your dog’s behaviors, whether issues with eating grass or something else entirely, you can talk to a veterinarian in Los Angeles about it. All concerns are valid when it comes to your dog’s health, and you should never be afraid to bring them up. An online vet can assess the situation and explain if you should be concerned about your dog’s symptoms. Never be afraid to contact a veterinarian about your dog’s behavior.