Is La Mer the same as Beyond the Sea?

“Beyond the Sea” is the English-language version of the French song “La Mer” by Charles Trenet, popularized by Bobby Darin in 1959. While the French original was an ode to the sea, Jack Lawrence – who composed the English lyrics – turned it into a love song.

Who originally wrote Beyond the Sea?

Jack Lawrence
Charles Trenet
Beyond the Sea/Composers

Who sings the French version of Beyond the Sea?

Charles Trenet
La Mer/Artists

What movie is beyond the sea song in?

Finding Nemo
Beyond the Sea/Movie

Who has sung La Mer?

Is La Mer copyrighted?

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How true is Beyond the Sea?

So much for credibility. The film has a fake, theatrical look. Though many acts are set in a nightclub, Beyond the Sea lacks the stylized theatricality of a movie musical like Cabaret. Inexcusably, the movie was shot in Berlin’s Babelsberg Studios, which means it lacks verisimilitude and authenticity.

Is Beyond the Sea copyrighted?

Is ‘Beyond the Sea’ by Bobby Darin under public domain? It is still under copyright, I believe. At least Harry Fox Agency lists it as one of the songs you can license through them.

Who sang the song at the end of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy?

I can’t think of a cinematic cover song better-deployed than Julio Iglesias’s disco-fied version of Charles Trenet’s “La Mer” at the end of 2011’s Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

What is the song at the end of finding dory?

Sia will lend her voice to Finding Dory’s end-credit song, “Unforgettable,” the “Chandelier” singer announced Friday. The tune is a take on the Irving Gordon-penned 1951 entry, famously recorded by the late Nat King Cole.

Is somewhere beyond the sea copyrighted?