Is North Face Denali warm enough for winter?

But with the proper equipment, a drop in temperature doesn’t have to mean a drop in comfort. During the thick of winter, layer the Denali underneath your coat and you’ll be warm enough to hit the slopes, take a hike or check out that outdoor light show that everyone has been raving about.

How much does a North Face Denali jacket weigh?

27.1 oz
This Product

This Product The North Face Denali 2 Hoodie
Weight 27.1 oz
Main Material 333 g/m² recycled polartec 300 Series – 100% polyester
# of Pockets 5
Unique Features Contains at least 50% recycled content by weight

Are Denali jackets warm?

The Denali 2 fleece does keep you extremely warm, but the fleece itself also has a subdued quality to it. The individual tendrils aren’t wild; they are flat. Older Denali jackets, and other fleeces on the market, have much fuzzier fabric. It’s still incredibly cozy, but the feel of it isn’t quite as nice.

Why is The North Face Denali so expensive?

Why Are Their Jackets So Expensive? The answer for this would be quite simple, it’s all about the quality. Plus, factoring in their special fabrics, which we mentioned previously, and their use of recycled materials, you are getting a jacket that is not only well-made but also responsibly-made.

Is North Face Denali windproof?

Offering warmth even on stormy, blustery days, The North Face Denali Wind Pro fleece jacket puts a solid barrier between you and any cold, wintry weather that tries to creep in….Technical specs.

Best Use Multisport
Fabric Polartec Wind Pro polyester fleece
Windproof Yes
Hood No
Back Length Hip-length