Is there an official Star Wars fan club?

Hyperspace: The Official Star Wars Fan Club.

Where can I find Star Wars fans?

This is the ideal bucket list for any Star Wars fan.

  • Finse, Norway – Hoth.
  • Skellig Michael, Ireland – featured in The Force Awakens & The Last Jedi.
  • Bardenas Reales National Park, Spain – Tatooine.
  • Glenmore Forest, Scotland – Endor.
  • Krafla Volcano, Iceland – Starkiller Base.
  • Mount Etna, Italy – Mustafar.

When did the Star Wars fan club start?

Back in 1978, when the official Star Wars Fan Club was formed, the mind-blowing news that the Star Wars sequel was in production had just been announced. Flyers hyping the fan club promised news of fan events and conventions (none came until 1987 and the 10th Anniversary event).

How popular is Starwars?

Created by George Lucas’, Star Wars is now among the highest grossing film franchises in the world with a total worldwide box office revenue of over ten billion U.S. dollars.

What is Star Wars Hyperspace?

In Star Wars, hyperspace is extra-dimensional space through which ships can travel so as to move across the galaxy faster than would be allowed by traveling through real space. In order to do this, a ship must be equipped with a hyperdrive.

What should you not say to a Star Wars fan?

23 Things You Should Never Say To A Star Wars Fan

  • “My favorite character is Jar Jar Binks.”
  • “Of course I love Star Wars!
  • “Han Solo did not shoot first, it was that green guy.”
  • “Well my favorite fight was Yoda vs.
  • “Qui-Gon Jinn suggesting to Obi Wan to go on separate ships was clever.”

What should I get a Star Wars fan?

45 Star Wars Gifts You Don’t Have To Go To A Galaxy Far, Far Away…

  • Millennium Falcon Picnic Blanket.
  • Star Wars BB-8 Ceramic Teapot and Cup Set.
  • LightSaber Chopsticks.
  • Monopoly: Star Wars The Child.
  • Star Wars Custom Dog Portrait.
  • The Republic of Tea Star Wars: The Mandalorian Set.
  • The Child Plush.

Are there any fan sites for Star Wars?

The Star Wars fan, now featured on the digital series Our Star Wars Stories, talks to about his most-impressive work behind the lens. The Lucasfilm digital series is back with incredible tales of fans who have found inspiration in Star Wars.

Is there a book club for Star Wars?

The Star Wars Show Book Club is a video series discussing official Star Wars novels, comics, and more. Read along and join in the conversation using #SWSBookClub for a chance to see your question answered by the author.

Who are the families of Star Wars fans?

Meet 10 families of Star Wars fans from around the world. This unique photojournalism collaboration between Lucasfilm and British Journal of Photography will highlight 10 families of Star Wars fans from across the globe. Show More Loading… Meet the creative cosplayer who takes Star Wars costumes to a whole other galaxy.