What can I use instead of a unity candle?

Our 15 Favourite Alternative Unity Ceremony Ideas

  • Sand Ceremony. A growing favourite wedding trend, the sand ceremony is a wonderful ceremony alternative.
  • Water Ceremony.
  • Wine Ceremony.
  • Love Letters Ceremony.
  • Unity Candle Ceremony.
  • Flower Ceremony.
  • Tree Planting Ceremony.
  • Handfasting and Tying the Knot Ceremony.

Why do Christians kiss at weddings?

Wedding kiss It is a Western custom for a newly married couple to exchange a kiss at the conclusion of their wedding ceremony. Some Christians hold the belief that the kiss symbolizes the exchange of souls between the bride and the groom, fulfilling the scripture that “the two shall become one flesh”.

What can I use instead of a unity candle at a wedding?

Some of the following customs and practices, like lighting a unity candle, circling the groom, or jumping the broom are rooted in faith or tradition. But others, like the sand or the tree-planting ceremony, are modern alternatives.

What does a marriage ceremony symbolize?

The marriage ceremony is abundant with symbols that reflect the basic and important elements of marriage: Love, Mutual respect, Equality and Sacrifice. The Traditions observed today have special meanings and significance.

What are the different wedding ceremonies?

it’s likely that you will want to get married in a religious ceremony.

  • Interfaith Ceremonies.
  • Non-Denominational Ceremonies.
  • Civil Ceremony.
  • Humanist Ceremony.
  • Same Sex Weddings.
  • What is an unity Cross for a wedding?

    The Unity Cross, or God’s Cross, is a cross in 3 parts that you assemble as part of your wedding ceremony. The outer form of the Unity Cross represents the strength, leadership, and protection of the man. The bride’s piece of the Unity Cross represents the beauty and the many capabilities of the woman.

    What is a contemporary wedding ceremony?

    Contemporary Ceremony. A beautiful contemporary ceremony comes with any wedding package. The ceremony speaks to the love that is coming together between the two of you without including religious elements. A contemporary ceremony is a modern civil ceremony. The couple solidifies their commitment to each other – and to their relationship.

    What are marriage rituals?

    The common marriage rituals include inviting the bridegroom to the marriage place called mandap, giving away the daughter as a gift to the groom called kanyadan, tying a knot called mangalsutra, holding the bride’s hands and accepting her called panigrahan, and walking seven steps together around the fire altar called saptapadi.